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Binyavanga Wainaina, one of Africa's best-known writers and gay rights activists, died Tuesday at Binyavanga Wainaina, the Kenyan author, has died. Even if you don't know the name, you might be familiar with one of his most famous works, a biting satire called "How To Write About Africa. Another - among your characters, you must always include the starving African who wanders the refugee camp nearly naked and waits for the benevolence of the West. Wainaina was a fierce champion of African literature.

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While walking along a path in Italy that brought him joy, Ross Gay suddenly thought that it would be a fun intellectual experiment to write a short essay about a pleasant experience every day for one year, beginning with his birthday. By the time he had turned a year older, Gay wrote essays about receiving high fives from strangers, ambiguous signage, flowers in the hands of statues, nicknames, and more. Gay sat down with WD while promoting The Book of Delights to talk about what inspired his book, following the movement of thought in drafts, and writing with a sense of optimism. Often the poems have a different relationship to mystery, but there is some sort of relationship to mystery that the poems teach me about how to write essays. Or something like that. It might be illuminating a question. With these essays, I felt like because they were occasional, I knew what I was going to be thinking about.

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A Minneapolis firefighter who recalled being prevented from using her EMT training to help Floyd will return to the stand. Nairobi AFP - Internationally-renowned Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina, whose high-profile coming out in a country that criminalises homosexuality made him a revered figure for gay rights in Africa, has died aged 48, his publishing house said Wednesday. He died just days before Kenya's High Court was scheduled to deliver a long-awaited ruling on whether to abolish colonial-era anti-gay laws. His brother James told Capital News that messages of condolence were pouring in from around the globe. We are grieving the loss
In , the writer Jeremy Atherton Lin noticed a spate of media coverage mourning gay bars in London, more than half of which had closed within the last decade. From NBC News to the Guardian , nearly all the coverage contained a similar slant, which played into a popular narrative: gay bars as beacons of liberation, central to the formation of queer identity and community. Which caused Atherton Lin to wonder, For who?