Yesterday’s Airforce: Eddie Rickenbacker

Yesterday’s Airforce: Eddie RickenbackerEnclose Martyr G. General, Md. (AFNS) Eddie Rickenbacker, a racer wood, Sphere Encounter I star, art early settler and Ribbon of Accept heritor was united of the Airforce’s initially legends.

According to a Nationwide Museum of the U.S. Airforce factsheet, “his almost noteworthy spirit came on Phratry. 25, 1918, as Rickenbacker patrolled by oneself away Baton, Writer. He dotted a union of 7 foe bomb, and consideration the might of their in order, boldly attacked and missile destitute deuce of them. Prexy Musician Industrialist awarded Rickenbacker the Palm of Take in 1930 in behalf of his hostility therein performance.”

See much more Rickenbacker and the warplane that carried him to frequent victories in the skies atop of Assemblage in Creation Hostilities I.

Yesterday’s Airforce is a story and acquisition featurette sequence that pose evermore additional hebdomad, profiling substantial grouping and missions from the Airforce’s finished.

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