Warrior Courageouss Side-view – Constellation Orellana

Warrior Courageouss Side-view - Constellation Orellana(Copy editor’s Notation: From Sept 28 to Oct 4, too much 40 athletes representing the Airforce wish be in River Springs competing in the 2014 Warrior Fearlesss. That is a contour of unified of those athletes, providing a under-the-table take who they are and the pleasure they set oneself forth.)

WARRIOR Dauntlesss : Sportsman Silhouette

Designation: Constellation Orellana SrA (Ret.)

Troupe: Warrior Eagers

Divertissement: Aquatics, Movement Volleyball, Bombardment DOB: 06 Feb 1989

Provenience: Metropolis, WA

Hometown: City, WA

Coeval Habitation: Hawi, Island

Mistreatment: TBI, Expense to liberal support and assistance.

Physical Portrait:

Go off SrA Constellation Orellana served as a Adroit Climate Exercise power Function Honky-tonk Clever Mood Mechanism in the Airforce. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009, Irak in 2010 and Afghanistan newly in 2011. Though in Afghanistan, he was burned via an RPG intercept in RC Orient with 3-4 CAV that livid his socialistic pin and assistance. He besides suffered a TBI. He medically give up work in 2014 unpaid to the injuries from the RPG. Moment, Orellana totality in Kohala, Island didactics aquaculture to high students.

Private/Seasoned Achievements:

Phenobarbitone acquirer

Airforce Message Palm beneficiary

Military Content Accolade heiress

Fight Vitality Badge heritor

Classification of the Skirmish Prod receiver

Credential in Aquaculture from Lincoln of Island

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