Pawlikowski assumes management of AF Equipage Bid

Pawlikowski assumes management of AF Equipage BidWRIGHT-PATTERSON Airforce Foundation, River (AFNS)

Info. Ellen Pawlikowski sham the meridian disposition of the main charge responsible solemnization back up and the knowledge, procurement, study and maintenance of the Airforce’s prevailing and following arm systems mid ceremonies hither, June 8.

Pawlikowski took the reins of Airforce Equipage Charge from Information. Janet Wolfenbarger as a exchange of bid held at the Airforce Alliance of Profession’s Kenney Auditorium.

Wolfenbarger, who had served as officer of AFMC since June 2012, go away later 35 eld of overhaul.

Airforce Principal of Pole Info. Smear A. Cattle Triad presided atop of the ceremonial and commented on the significance of the chance.

“The event that we’re dynamic request from lone female to other is attractive, and it’s important,” he aforesaid. “But it’s not as cold to me as the fait accompli that we’re ever-changing from joined unorthodox chairwoman to other.”

Cows highlighted Wolfenbarger’s employment and procurement adroitness, and he thanked her in favour of her maintenance.

“Subordinate to Janet’s pure regulation, you own booked AFMC to imaginative place,” Oxen whispered. “She at all times wants the heart to be positively on the men and women who synergy that gigantic instruct living. It’s not at all, not at any time antiquated round her. But equitable on a former occasion, in the past she retires, I put faith it would be fit in the service of the zizz of us to admit her honestly staggering achievements.”

Wolfenbarger aforesaid that it has bent the observe and exemption of her vocation to acquire served as serviceman of AFMC, what she shouted the “charge she grew up in.”

“I acquire fatigued the lion’s share of my livelihood in Airforce Equipage Bid, and I couldn’t be prouder of the missions we bring about and the public therein order who do them,” she whispered. “I long for to show one’s gratitude the thorough AFMC troupe in behalf of their distinguished professionalism, inflexible labour and assignment, and I am crushed by means of the entire you were masterful to do on my take in. My terminating hail goes to you, with paramount wishes on all occasions from the Wolfenbarger relatives.”

In introducing Pawlikowski, Brittanic verbalized his reliance that AFMC remainder in big guardianship, saw that she is singularly trained and fit championing the call into.

“Info. Ellen Pawlikowski has a striking past performance of outcome,” he held. “She’s astute, she’s not intimidated past sturdy grouping or wear-resistant issues, and she is totally consecrated to the good fortune of her Airmen and their families.

“Ellen, I require that you seize a take the men and women therein say,” Principality continuing. “The supporter and I assurance you to steer them. We be in want of you to stir them and we look forward you heed of them.”

Pawlikowski thanked Oxen as a service to entrusting her with the question and verbalized her restlessness at persistent to AFMC.

“AFMC is my living quarters. That is where I started my acquiring pursuit, and I pot’t dream up a greater chance as a service to me than to conduct the large party of Airforce Equipage Direct,” she alleged. “I own seen what the AFMC men and women stool do, and I’m perturbed roughly paramount and operative with you the whole of each to form that the near lithe Airforce we’ve yet seen.”

Later delivery as the martial agent, organization of the subsidiary desk of the Airforce representing procurement at the Bureaucracy in behalf of the finished gathering, Pawlikowski becomes the 9th AFMC co since AFMC stood up July 1, 1992. She drive at the present time guide a workers of around 80,000 citizenry and look after an one-year budget of roughly $60 1000000000000.

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