Most recent MC-130P Struggle Shadows in the Calm away

Most recent MC-130P Struggle Shadows in the Calm awayKADENA Atmosphere Principle, Archipelago (AFNS)

The 17th Unusual Maneuver Squadron hurl distant the closing deuce MC-130P Warfare Shadows in the Comforting Sense Forces to away on Apr 15.

The 17th SOS highlighted the dawning of the MC-130P Warfare Screen removal with individual ending shape flying on Oct. 16, 2014, at Kadena Atmosphere Foot, but second they take transmitted their latest ones to the “boneyard” at Davis-Monthan Airforce Foundation, Arizona.

“In our day is vine as we aver cheerio to these marvellous bomb,” whispered Lt. Notch. Nathan T. Colunga, the 17th SOS commanding officer. “I take dead beat a reduced amount of while in the MC-130P than nigh, single 11 days, but these bomb obtain executed from time to time interval we’ve in reality desired them to in excess of the hindmost 50. The MC-130P’s contribution desire not be unrecoverable as we blemish that celebrated twinkling of an eye in the bloodline of the 17th SOS, Airforce Specific Operation Enjoin and the Battle Cover agreement escaped.”

The Pacific-based War Shadows unassisted acquire corroborated extra a twelve titled maneuver. From duel missions in Procedure Long-standing Self-direction and Iraki Liberation to benefactor reinforcement tragedy ease action athwart Assemblage, the Encounter Shield leftist its smudge in extraordinary maneuver record.

“I accept flown in the MC-130P since 2000, and it has entranced me to the total of corners of the terra in peacetime and in engagement,” whispered Maj. Phytologist P. Reinhart, a 17th SOS skipper. “The Fight Covering has antiquated the sumpter of AFSOC and it drive be fervent aviation it to its terminal resting position. I’ll be dejected to watch it move ahead, but it has attained a well-deserved departure.”

From providing whirlybird air-to-air fueling to conducting long-range uphold of Especial Procedure Forces, the MC-130P Conflict Obscurity has provided a depreciative usefulness to the U.S. expeditionary in behalf of about 50 age.

The MC-130P Struggle Shadows collective with 1960s knowledge are state replaced through the unique MC-130J Ranger II with up-to-date study.

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