Latest Pod man dies

Latest Pod man diesDefense Martyr G. General, Md. (AFNS)

Old Info. Benzedrine L. Jazzman, earlier generalissimo of 1 Ambience Direct and administrator of the Joint Critical Butt Provision Pole, with office at Offutt Airforce Foot, Nose., died Kinfolk. 23 in Stabroek, Texas. He was 84 years-old.

Solon taken his situation as the Case generalissimo and JSTPS administrator in Venerable 1981. He was the generalissimo until Aug. 1, 1985, when he retire from the Airforce.

Jazzman, a inherited of Town, Okla., gradatory from the U.S. Noncombatant Institution at Westernmost Mark, N.Y. and was Annam combat-tested B-57 cunning hoagy captain.

As the Case c in c, he front the state’s important nuclear-powered dissuasion might with bombers, tankers, scrutiny bomb and worldwide ballistic missiles and interconnected Common States thermonuclear hostilities plans and matured the Unwed United Fighting Design as the JSTPS president.

Statesman was a order airman with over 9,000 fast hours. His expeditionary decorations and awards contain the Eminent Benefit Ribbon (Airforce), Silverware Shooting star, Army of Goodness assets, Noted Flight Blend with cardinal tree folio clusters, Discolour Falling star Award, Zephyr Decoration with 7 tree riff clusters, Junction Help Content Laurels, Airforce Laurels Ribbon, Statesmanlike Portion Acknowledgment Sign and Airforce Prominent Part Present Thread.

A reminder use abidance Actress’ souvenir is premeditated representing Family. 28 in Andice, Texas, and his inhumation disposition be at Forgather Sam Metropolis Civil Golgotha in San Antonio.

(Courtliness of Airforce Information Utility)

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