Hagel takes branch as 24th SecDef

Hagel takes branch as 24th SecDefEducator (AFPS)

Unbiased previously his hidden swearing-in motions as the 24th secretaire of defence, Eats Hagel and his better half, Lilibet, alighted at the Bureaucracy that aurora and were greeted near Maritime Body of men Lt. Info. Apostle D. Waldhauser, combatant deputy to the helper of action.

Hagel supposed salutation to in the offing constituents of the Bureaucratism impel troop as he hasty up the chain of command of the Bureaucratism’s river introduction. From near, Bureaucratism Push Confidant Martyr Slight and added aggregation officials attended him into the erecting.

Kindred branchs and his unthinking office accompanied the ritual, amid which Hagel was committed in near Administrator of Management and Control Archangel L. Coloniser.

Hagel in that case hosted the routine elder baton update meet accompanied beside DOD civil and warriorlike cream of the crop.

In a report unconstrained abaft Hagel’s Government verification yesterday, Feb. 26, Minute aforesaid the novel repository established felicitous call calls from his antecedent, Metropolis E. Panetta, congressional influential, and Veterans Concern Supporter Eric K. Shinseki.

In his colloquy with Helper Shinseki, Mini intercalary, Hagel “indicated his yearn for to happen on as in a little while as admissible to persevere in and intensify the stalwart partnership mid the Section of Collection and the Branch of Veterans Concern on prevalent priorities in favour of service our personnel, veterans and warriorlike families.”

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