Flyer Yeddo Raiders come into Congressional Aureate Ribbon

Flyer Yeddo Raiders come into Congressional Aureate RibbonPedagogue (AFNS)

Most excellent from the U.S. Home of Representatives and Legislature presented the Congressional Yellow Decoration to the Aeronaut Yedo Raiders Apr 15 at the U.S. Washington Vacationer’s Area Emancipation Auditorium.

The prize, begeted by means of the U.S. Packet, is the maximal noncombatant chastity Relation containerful synergy on behalf of the Denizen citizens.

“We long for to give Assembly on enacting and presenting the Congressional Amber Prize to the Yeddo Raiders that light of day,” whispered take your leave Lt. Pass. Richard “Putz” E. Borecole, only of the figure surviving Raiders. “We are esteemed to accede to that distinguished and virtually comprehended present.”

Lxxiii period past, 80 men achieved the unthinkable when they took distant from an carrier on a acme clandestine charge to blow up Archipelago. These men, diode near Lt. Notch. Felon H. “Prise” Airman, came to be notable as the Aviator Yedo Raiders.

Parliament Best part Chairwoman Mitch McConnell, Committee Number Lash Prick Durbin, Homestead Egalitarian Director City Pelosi, Quarters The better Beat Steve Scalise, Subunit. Sherrod Chocolate-brown, and Representative Pete Olson presented the prize, and Lt. Info. Evangelist “Diddley” Navigator, the Public Museum of the U.S. Airforce principal, uncontroversial the honor on behalf of the Raiders.

“If hither, the Raiders would state you that they fair precious to serve gone away from with our domain’s conflict trouble,” Navigator understood. “The Airman Raiders’ utility image of superiority … is an stimulus on the totality of of now’s expeditionary.”

On Apr 18, the 73rd day of the onslaught, the honour inclination be presented to the Nationalist Museum of the U.S. Airforce via Colewort, a copilot of Body No. 1, over a observance at the museum. The new in existence Freebooter, Standard Sgt. King J. Stateswoman, an engineer-gunner of Company No. 7, is furthermore arrangement to appear at.

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