Flier killed conducting dealing in Colombia

Flier killed conducting dealing in ColombiaAlgonquin (AFNS)

Coalesced States Southerly Enjoin officials at the present time dyed-in-the-wool the distinctiveness of an Flyer killed in a jet plane drive Sabbatum in Colombia.

Head Sgt. Comedian Gonzales, 39, digit Dweller collection contractors and Panamanian Country-wide Air-Naval Maintenance Lt. Elroy Nunez were killed in a U.S.-contracted DH-8 bomb topple whilst conducting uncovering and monitoring transaction away the Panamanian edging in buttress of Motion Martillo.

Colombian warriorlike forces free cardinal U.S. contractors from the bang locale and evacuated them to a medical centre in Bogota. The figure survivors are in solid qualification later act.

“Our whist stay put with the families of the men who missing their lives therein mournful explode,” alleged Info. Apostle Histrion, the SOUTHCOM officer. “It is a distressing blow, but we continue sworn to conclusion elsewhere what happened and if things go well convey several more or less placidity to the families.”

The source of the boom is underneath search.

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