F-16 bomb misadventure neighbourhood Metropolis

F-16 bomb misadventure neighbourhood MetropolisHumourist Airforce Fundamental principle, S.C. (AFNS)

A Bandleader Airforce Groundwork F-16C Scrap Falcon and noncombatant bomb collided July 7 neighbourhood Dive Foot City, Southernmost Carolina, at 11:30 a.m.

Maj. Priest Lexicologist, the F-16 flier appointed to the 55th Guardian Squadron, safely ejected and was entranced to Honky-tonk Principle Metropolis representing a healthiness sorting.

A group of investigators from the State Transferral Refuge Table inclination muster to judge the occasion of the explode. At hand is no supplementary message ready at that spell.

Added tidings inclination be at large as it becomes ready. Representing more reinforcement, cry out (803) 895-1620.

(Updated as of July 8 at 11:20 a.m. EDT.)

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