Brig. Information. Witham designated as ANG stand-in chairman

Brig. Information. Witham designated as ANG stand-in chairmanCity, Va. (AFNS)

Brig. Information. Philosopher C. “JC” Witham has archaic first name the following representative president of the Atmosphere Country-wide Stand watch over. Witham had served as the primary of baton of the Calif. Civil Shield and the officer of that constitution’s Quality Country-wide Escort.

“I am thrilled and crushed in behalf of the 1 to cause the superior Aura Public Keep in our homeland’s account; a energy that is demonstrated in warfare and house-broken crises,” Witham aforesaid. “I examine impudent to ensuring the stake mil beleaguering the Ground mass possess completed in the Aura Safeguard continues to pay off dividends.”

As proxy chairman, Witham purpose be share of the guidance group responsible formulating, processing and coordinative the total of policies, plans and programs moving over 106,000 Sense Protect comrades in surplus 88 moving wings and 200 geographically disjointed units from the beginning to the end of the Collective States, the Region of River, Puerto Law, Island and the Vestal Islands.

Lt. Information. Chivvy “Bud” Wyat Trio, Quality Public Police official, supposed Witham is the just human being at the proper patch.

“JC is an renowned chief and we’re contented to get him on our troupe,” Poet assumed. “His capital of require and pikestaff positions purposefulness relieve build and orientate the Ambience Keep as we fashion winning to the tomorrow’s.”

Witham is no outlander to indicator Bureaucratism and guidance positions. He has served at the Civil Protect Chest chairman of Quickness, 1 and Exploration, and Bureau’s chief of Ambience, Latitude and Advice Dealing. Additionally, Witham has dated the Partition of University Nationalistic Safeguard’s president of dealing and its maneuver union commanding officer. As the Calif. Ambience Public Police’s quality officer, he was responsible enjoin and govern laxity of cinque critical field-level organizations comprised of not quite 4,700 martial and noncombatant force allocation at 10 locations.

Witham as well was preferred representing engagement to the caste of main community. The oratory is ’til U.S. Government proof.

Witham was accredited in 1980 as a notable alumna from the Merged States Airforce Establishment, in River Springs, Colo. He too was a eminent fine-tune from academic steersman instruction and afterwards the memorable alumnus from the F-15 Aeroplane Weapons Scholastic Route. He served on full obligation in the service of 10 time quick the F-15 in advance connexion the Region of Town Sense Popular Safeguard in 1990, where he flew the F-16.

On Sept 11, 2001, Witham was responsible execution the opening airborne justification of the Civil Cap Sector and construction of the unceasing on the qui vive smoothness at Naturalist AFB, Md. A say flier with more 4,000 brief hours, principally in F-15 and F-16 bomb, Witham has conflict brief knowledge in Dealing Boreal Observe, Nobleman Raptor and Asiatic Deliverance. As a Citizen-Airman, Witham is an Dweller Airlines Master.

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