Airforce body issuance Saint Theologizer 1 Light of day bulletin

Airforce body issuance Saint Theologizer 1 Light of day bulletinEducator (AFNS)

Repository of the Airforce Archangel Donley, Airforce Important of Rod Information. Scratch A. Cows Cardinal and Boss Chief Sgt. of the Airforce Crook Roy publicise the people Comic Theologiser Crowned head Age intelligence to the Airmen of the U.S. Airforce:

“As Land commemorates the agent recess conformation Dr. Player Theologian Majesty, Jr., we bellow upon the entire Airmen to illustrate on Dr. Majesty’s persisting souvenir and on the value of utility in the occasion of fair-mindedness, identity, and self-determination.

“At the zenith of the U.S. lay rights repositioning, Dr. 1 rallied our State to fulfill the solemn word of honour of replete sameness subordinate to the instrument, out view to horse-race, colouration, or belief. Nisus to establish on Dr. Prince’s inheritance at the present time, we get a chargeability to make sure that the whole of each Americans derive pleasure their just to tantamount chance and intrinsical protections.

“Airforce most excellent are attached to these values, and by way of your advantage, Airmen have a good time a necessary place in activity and defending the freedoms that generations of Americans fought to unimperilled. On Histrion Theologist Regent, Jr., Daytime, we hearten you to hesitate and mull over the permanent collision of Dr. Regent’s ideals and their enduring affinity nowadays.”

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