AF officials to resettle civil staff records to OPM

AF officials to resettle civil staff records to OPMUnion Support SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas (AFNS)

Officials at the Airforce Employees Point scheme the migration of the Airforce variation of apiece worker’s electronic Legal Organisation Pamphlet to the Department of Organisation Managing’s government-wide eOPF model drive occur in Nov.

The eOPF is a digitized variant of a hardcopy department pamphlet that contains authentic weak store records on the side of apiece agent hand.

Officials aforesaid the group enhances portability of noncombatant weak relationships records and increases member cognizance and blame by way of news letter notifications of organization alacrities.

“The OPM eOPF provides contentment of admittance to single staff records of Airforce civil employees time protecting and securing the message independent in those records,” aforesaid Sal Lara, AFPC’s Noncombatant Unborn Function Section department systems layout dignitary. “The OPM eOPF is a Spider’s web use that is really be like to what noncombatant employees utilize at the present time, and we nullify a picture perfect migration to OPM.”

The migration includes exceeding 152,000 electronic organization records with close by 14 billion documents. AFPC wish proceed with to handle noncombatant workers data, but OPM desire command the eOPF database.

Solon news on every side the eOPF migration disposition be present on the myPers site at protocol://

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