AF first name officers chosen championing furtherance

AF first name officers chosen championing furtheranceSeam Bottom SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas (AFNS)

More 3,200 lieutenants, captains and conference possess antiquated choose on abetting, Airforce Workers Country officials proclaimed in our day.

Promotion-selects were thoughtful over the July Scrutiny Utility Brigade deputy colonel and vital, and underscore of the Airforce leader main variety boards.

Attend the followers relations to note the congested schedule of selectees:

Reserve colonel: protocol://

Greater: protocol://

Boss: protocol://

The boards wise 162 league, 61 captains, and 3,478 foremost lieutenants in behalf of support to the future status. Results are as pursues:

Preference statistics in-the-promotion region on sanctioning to supporter colonel: 32 select from 44 advised representing 72.7 proportionality selected velocity

Collection statistics above-the-promotion sphere representing backing to deputy colonel: 3 preferred from 18 advised in support of 16.7 proportion distinguish velocity

Range statistics below-the-promotion area in favour of aiding to replacement colonel: 3 select from 100 thoughtful in support of 3 percentage hand-pick gait

Batch statistics in-the-promotion section representing advance to main: 54 special from 57 thoughtful on 94.7 percentage choose speed

Number statistics above-the-promotion sphere in favour of abetting to principal: 1 choose from 4 advised representing 25 proportion choose velocity

Choice statistics below-the-promotion province on backing to crucial: No one thoughtful

Option statistics in-the-promotion region representing furtherance to master: 3,098 preferred from 3,333 reasoned in favour of 92.9 proportionality choose fee

Option statistics above-the-promotion area in the service of backing to commander: 69 elite from 145 wise representing 47.6 pct choose measure

In behalf of solon intelligence on every side sanction opportunities and new employees issues, come to see the myPers site at

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