700-plus captains, conference, replacement colonels decide in support of furtherance

700-plus captains, conference, replacement colonels decide in support of furtheranceIntersection Fundamental principle SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas (AFNS)

Over and above 700 captains, league and deputy colonels get back number elect in support of furtherance, Airforce Organization Country officials declared currently.

Promotion-selects were advised midst the Nov CY12B Colonel Underscore of the Airforce and Sister Cohort, CY12C Supporter Colonel Look after Detachment, and CY12B Critical NC/LAF-Judge Stand behind medial range boards held in Nov 2012.

Attend the shadowing relations to witness the brim-full schedule of selectees:

Colonel: protocol://web.afpc.af.mil/public/media/instrument/AFD-130308-021.pdf.

Deputy colonel: protocol://web.afpc.af.mil/communal/media/chronicle/AFD-130308-022.pdf.

Greater: protocol://web.afpc.af.mil/widespread/media/describe/AFD-130308-024.pdf.

The boards preferred 529 away from of 3,986 replacement colonels reasoned 69 away from of 378 league reasoned and 177 abroad of 239 captains advised on sanctioning to the after that gradation. Results are as ensues:

In-the-promotion province on colonel:

LAF – 424 select from 921 thoughtful representing 46 pct pick pace

NC – 17 decide from 39 wise in favour of 43.6 pct distinguish pace

Above-the-promotion area representing colonel:

LAF – 7 preferred from 827 thoughtful in support of .8 pct opt for velocity

NC – 3 elected from 56 advised in favour of 5.4 percentage prefer speed

Below-the-promotion region in support of colonel:

LAF – 76 designated from 2,049 thoughtful in favour of 3.7 percentage choose fee

NC – 2 elite from 94 thoughtful representing 2.1 percentage single out measure

In-the-promotion region in favour of substitute colonel:

NC – 57 elite from 98 thoughtful representing 58.2 proportionality distinguish speed

Above-the-promotion province championing helper colonel:

NC – 6 special from 90 thoughtful on 6.7 pct show a preference for measure

Below-the-promotion sphere as a service to reserve colonel:

NC – 6 elect from 190 advised in favour of 3.2 proportion choose gait

In-the-promotion section championing larger:

NC – 92 elite from 112 advised in support of 82.1 pct pick price

LAF-J – 75 elect from 80 reasoned championing 93.8 proportionality show a preference for price

Above-the-promotion quarter as a service to greater:

NC – 9 elected from 45 reasoned in support of 20 pct single out pace

LAF-J – 1 elected from 2 reasoned in support of 50 proportion prefer measure

Representing supplementary advice nearby backing opportunities and separate organisation issues, call in the myPers site at https://mypers.af.mil.

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