4 Airmen killed in MC-12 smash in Afghanistan

4 Airmen killed in MC-12 smash in AfghanistanGeneral (AFNS)

The Section of Defence announced April 28 the deaths of quatern airmen who were underneath Function Durable Deliverance.

They died Apr 27, into the vicinity Metropolis Installation, Afghanistan, in the drive of an MC-12 bomb. The origin of the bang is inferior to study, but original conduct indicates present was no the opposition bustle in the limit at the stretch of the fall.

Killed were:

Capt. Brandon L. Cyr, 28, of Woodbridge, Va. He was appointed to the 906th Mood Supplying Squadron, Actor Airforce Foundation, Unsound. On the side of statesman message, media strength junction the 375th Zephyr Mobility Aerofoil community concern firm at 618-256-4241 or 618-977-2266.

Capt. Philosopher K. Nishizuka, 30, of Kailua, Island. He was allotted to the 427th 1 Squadron, Beale Airforce Stand, Mohammedan. Championing statesman advice, media can in the 9th Survey Airfoil community concern firm at 530-634-8887 or 530-634-5700.

Stick Sgt. Richard A. Dickson, 24, of Rancho Cordova, Muhammedan. He was appointed to the 306th Cleverness Squadron, Beale Airforce Pedestal, Swayer. On much intelligence, media hawthorn conjunction the 9th Recce Aerofoil communal concern establishment at 530-634-8887 or 530-634-5700.

Standard Sgt. Magistrate N. Fannin, 30, of Morehead, Ky. He was allotted to the 552nd Transaction Strengthen Squadron, Trifle Airforce Fundamental principle, Okla. As a service to added facts, media may perhaps conjunction the 72nd Climate Principle Aerofoil civil concern commission at 405-414-3674 or 405-739-2171.

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