Occupation Interval Syllabus reference glass opens July 1

Occupation Interval Syllabus reference glass opens July 1Dive Pedestal SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas (AFNS)

The Airforce Livelihood Interval Document use porthole opens July 1 championing proper Airmen concerned in charming individual to threesome time inaccurate energetic office in support of private or experienced requirements.

Applications have to hit the Airforce Force Heart no subsequent than Aug. 31, with the total number impact pick empanel planned to congregate Kinfolk. 29.

The curriculum, in its alternate daylight hours, allows operational 40 top-performing routine Airforce and vocation pre-eminence Full Convoy or Withhold officers and enlisted affiliates to be inactivated and transferred to the Singular In proper shape Keep, receiving inclined fund equal to ternion age, in advance persistent to strenuous office.

Amid the 2014 pilot, 35 common Airforce, Police and Retain Airmen were authorized to move. They included 33 ordinary Airforce, solitary Look after and sole Save Aeronaut. The 35 chosen included 15 officers and 20 enlisted people; 18 women and 17 men.

The Vocation Interruption Info allows participants to employ packed checkup and alveolar benefits as a service to themselves and their dependents, besides as change and commissary benefits. Participants too come into a pay of 1/15th of their monthly prime compensate. In adding, affiliates drive be allowed an Ambience Force-funded undying replacement of caste stir to anyplace in the U.S. when entrance the info, and a make a move to their foot of duty when they undiminished the announcement.

Reappear to burden tailing a Livelihood Entr`acte Promulgation entr`acte is the explanation to the info. Peak performers with refulgent futures won’t receive to split to be careful of live or different skilled concerns, and on a former occasion they turn back to active-duty usefulness, those Airmen disposition deliver greater participation, teaching, grasp, dedication and love to their job, whispered Pass. First Bruns the AFPC Force Services governor.

Patch involve yourself in Business Suspension Papers, Airmen purpose be requisite to preserve the whole of each Airforce standards, including healthiness and eligibility and be in condition to entirely pick up where one left off their duties.

Airmen authorised championing CIP inclination provoke a assistance confinement of digit months championing evermore only moon of CIP condition.

Public message and intact eligibility criteria are to hand on the myPers site. Show a preference for the meet item and cohort from the drop docket and stab into “Business Break Document” in the activity skylight. Relatives to part unequivocal germaneness procedures disposition be accessible July 1.

Representing statesman advice round Airforce organization programs attend myPers. Individuals who do not maintain a myPers calculate commode insist on sole hither.

Painting squadron pride

Painting squadron prideHOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. (AFNS)

When it comes to taking care of the F-16 Fighting Falcons at Holloman Air Force Base, aircraft structural maintenance technicians have a major responsibility.

As corrosion experts, they strip and re-paint F-16 tails replacing Luke AFB’s “LF” with Holloman’s “HO.”

“The letters on the tail are designators for what Air Force base you’re assigned,” said Staff Sgt. Gregory Liggins, the assistant NCO in charge of corrosion control with the 49th Maintenance Squadron. “There’s a lot that goes into replacing them.”

Recently, the 54th Fighter Squadron’s F-16 flagship experienced the swap as Airmen sanded down the vertical stabilizer, primed it for painting and gave the aircraft a fresh coat of paint along with brand new decals and local markings.

“This is the most important jet on base,” Liggins said. “It represents the wing as well as the 54th Fighter Group. There’s no other jet like it on this base, and that’s why it’s decorated the way it is.”

Replacing everything on the tail of an aircraft is an extensive process requiring attention to detail and patience.

“The whole process takes roughly five days,” said Airman 1st Class Robert Rocha, an aircraft structural maintenance technician with the 49th MXS.

Rocha, who joined the Air Force to learn how to work with sheet metal, and other Airmen who share his passion, inspect every aircraft twice a year for corrosion. After an aircraft’s semiannual mandatory washing, they are taxied into one of three paint booths where the corrosion experts conduct a paint score.

“When an aircraft comes in, we’re required to do a paint score,” Liggins said. “Basically, we’re walking around the jet looking at areas that have bare metal, chipped paint and primer spots. Then we check the thickness of the paint with a gauge. We update all of this information for planning, scheduling and documentation.”

Once the average paint thickness on a jet is worn too thin, the entire aircraft has to be sandblasted and repainted. The technicians at corrosion control do any painting the aircraft needs short of this. Touch ups, replacing symbols and anything that will fight deterioration are just a few things these Airmen do.

“These guys here are outstanding,” Liggins said. “They follow instructions, and they have attention to detail, which is key. A lot has been put on them, but they step up to the challenge.”

Every job in the Air Force contributes to the overall mission. For the Airmen in the aircraft structural maintenance shop, this means keeping the aircraft in prime shape and able to withstand the elements.

“We’re all one big oiled machine,” Liggins said. “In the end, we’re the ones who have the biggest responsibility when it comes to protecting the aircraft from corrosion.”

Shipping blood, saving lives

Shipping blood, saving livesAL UDEID AIR BASE, Qatar (AFNS)

The Blood Transshipment Center (BTC) at Al Udeid Air Base provides blood to more than 30 forward operating locations in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility.

In 2015, the center shipped nearly 23,000 units of blood to nine countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan. The blood was used in transfusions helping save 222 people, including 18 U.S. service members, as well as Afghan and Iraqi citizens.

“Over the past six months, 65 percent of blood transfusions were conducted in Iraq,” said Master Sgt. Stephanie Washington, the 379th Expeditionary Medical Support Squadron diagnostics and therapeutics flight chief. “The majority of those transfusions were conducted on Iraqi’s with blood we shipped. So far in 2016, we’ve shipped 210 blood products and 722 pounds of dry ice, enabling 88 blood transfusions helping save 14 people.”

Blood is needed to sustain life and it’s critically needed on the battlefield. Dry ice is also in high demand to ensure blood is kept at a temperature of about zero degrees Fahrenheit.

The BTC can house up to 2,000 units of blood and more than 4,000 pounds of dry ice. The facility prepares several shipments each week, with many units of blood going to Craig Joint Theater Hospital at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.

Shipping blood and dry ice internationally is not easy, said Capt. Jennifer Swann, the 379th Expeditionary Medical Group BTC officer in charge.

“Prior to any shipment, blood must be thoroughly tested, entered into a tracking database, carefully loaded and approved to leave Qatar,” she said. “Some countries also have unique requirements before any hazardous material can be shipped to those nations, including blood or dry ice.

“Iraq, for example, has a four-day lead time before we can ship any blood or dry ice there, so if I need to send blood or plasma to Iraq, I can’t move that cargo until the fourth day,” Swann continued. “I’ll make the request on day zero and if there’s a flight four days later, it’ll go out.”

Swann said she plans shipments two weeks in advance and ensures her team conducts routine inventory of their blood stockpiles. She said the goal is to have blood delivered to the BTC within seven days of collection and to have it shipped to locations across the CENTCOM AOR as soon as possible.

“I look out to see what units have blood that will expire and what units have conducted transfusions recently; every location has a minimum amount of blood they would like to have on hand so every week we do our best to meet that and ensure they have what they need,” Swann said.

Senior Airman Celina Garcia, the 379th EMSS BTC logistician, is responsible for ensuring the BTC has the supplies and equipment needed to sustain its mission. She also ensures the blood the BTC packs is delivered to the flightline, often delivering the blood herself with a forklift.

“My responsibility is to get the blood we pack to the flightline where it’s loaded onto aircraft,” Garcia said. “I enjoy my job very much because I know the blood we provide is saving lives. Blood is a necessity and it’s critically needed during war.”

Swann said she’s proud of Garcia and her BTC team for the commitment they’ve displayed over the past year.

“We’ve stayed here for up to 16 hours at times to ensure we did everything we had to do and there was never a single complaint,” she said. “Everyone knows what we do is vital. We come in early some days, stay late others and they never question that. I’m very proud of them.”

The BTC receives blood shipments from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey, after blood is donated by volunteers and collected at several Armed Services Blood Program Donation Centers.

Washington said it’s vital people donate blood so the Defense Department maintains its blood inventory. In 2011, she worked as a lab technician at Craig Joint Theater Hospital. She said the blood bank was the most important section of the lab.

“If you didn’t have the blood on hand, people wouldn’t survive,” she said. “If it wasn’t for donations, the ASBP and the operating locations within the AOR wouldn’t have any blood; only 5 percent of the eligible donor population in the United States actually donates and you need donors to keep the inventory going. There are direct AOR impacts from blood donations; when you donate to the DOD blood donor centers, eventually, that blood is shipped to people who need it.”

Aviator improves understanding employment land as a consequence innovations

Aviator improves understanding employment land as a consequence innovationsCREECH Airforce Foot, Nev. (AFNS)

(That hallmark is division of the “Result of Airmen’s Eyes” sequence on AF.mil. These stories center a one Flyer, highlight their Airforce history.)

All along solitary’s subsistence, in attendance’s over a flash when something is thought or finished that disposition keep at it them in favour of the residue of their entity.

These animations are the attributes that modeling us as individuals and flourish our beliefs and moral values. It throne be ludicrous how neutral any plain line obtain the proficiency to interchange or contours only’s viability. In support of Tec. Sgt. Kevin, a 15th Scrutiny Squadron aptitude dealings director and the alertness air voyage NCO in obligation, his trip started as an vulnerable youngster tiresome to arrive because of elementary noncombatant instruction.

“I memorialize my mentor adage ‘if you’re not 15 record at, you’re unpunctual,'” Kevin aforementioned, chuckling as he reminisced.

Tiny did he comprehend that suggestion would resiliently cast his effort value-system and keep on him 12 being posterior as he continues to redeem the aptitude calling arable and purpose in the interior his squadron hither.

Stop from the direction he time-honored in key breeding, his instruction of stretch supervision has resulted in built processes and tools concocted in favour of purpose effectiveness at occasionally task position he’s antediluvian appointed to.

His last inception is a information alarmed the Squadron Understanding Scrutiny Port, codename SIRI. It’s an reference state second-hand through remotely piloted bomb team comrades to through the job supplementary expeditiously though existence extra situationally posted.

“The information disposition wide awake corps branchs of threats in the space, also as, reduce the total of spell it takes to undiminished tasks so they may well center the duty,” Kevin understood. “That spell regenerate stool assist them yielding tidings past and design the variation betwixt subsistence and decease situations.”

SIRI helps aircrews alongside activity as a somewhat operation machine. They containerful examine counterclaims to conversions, locations, abbreviations, succinctness dustup, rules of agreement, artillery specifications, roar signs and innumerable much. That is peculiarly profitable when employed with alignment partners to with dispatch transform measurements or categorize cry out signs with bomb.

“Measure than having to seize my eyes away the screens to employ duple resources to upon an rejoinder, SIRI container convey that data forthwith,” held Capt. Painter, a 15th RS aviator. “That allows me to center the office and expand my period.”

The advanced papers has antediluvian continuously restored in excess of the most recent yr since its origination and instant container about 58 commands, a large amount above its starting premeditated to full just united.

“I welcome to pen a papers to figure out atmosphere tasking form dates, which commode be a truly over-long (approach),” Kevin believed. “At one time it was sanctioned and busy, components of my squadron gave me heaps of feedback request championing much functions and I enforced caboodle I could.”

He attributes the ascendancy of the document to the ability of his squadron affiliates and his understanding of how to scribble pc manuscript.

“Investigator. Sgt. Kevin’s inception of SIRI is the narrative of how bottom-up advance occurs in the Airforce,” aforesaid Lt. Pass. Ryan Keeney, the 15th RS captain. “Airmen perceive a trouble, lay out a untried elucidation, and it is double-quick adoptive to mitigate conflict dealings.”

His groundbreaking skills aren’t fresh to him, to a certain extent they are the termination of almost deuce decades of information and practice.

“I recall when I was a tease scholarship how to programme telecasting doggeds on an age (dos) mechanism, well-nigh of my Airmen unquestionably chief’t recall what that is,” Kevin aforementioned as he laughed. “Abaft that I got involved in doing cobweb think of and code training. That’s where my cacoethes is.”

That cacoethes conjugate with his have occasion for to defy himself, has too spawned separate improvements to the alertness job green district.

As a superior aviator, he aphorism a aid in the service of having a shielded on the net encyclopaedia species site on the quickness territory to activate concert and consciousness with different units.

“I maxim that the Chief Intelligence and Assemblage Intelligence desired to bring into being something 1 what I was having ideas less and I started to systemize with them,” Kevin thought. “I worked tight with them to aid contrivance it in 2005 and at the present time the thorough Responsibility of Defence uses it.”

Afterwards he was decide to be a tech mentor, dressing the time to come days of aptitude Airmen. He weary digit existence commandment the enlisted act understanding run, and added cardinal philosophy the operative line.

Whereas at hand he coined a site representing the operative’s circuit. Short did he grasp, that his unborn government agent in concern would devour the orbit by means of the changeless resources he had formed.

“The site is a one-stop betray in behalf of numberless resources we have recourse to championing tidings,” whispered Capt. Carlos, the 15th RS aptitude soaring commandant. “True level just now I placid exercise it seeing it’s so advantageous and saves me interval.”

In behalf of much larger and long-lasting improvements to the understanding group and Airforce missions, it may perhaps earmarks of Kevin had a doom to be in the vocation appointed to him. In point of fact, his occupation is very much from what he contemplation he would be doing.

“I gestural equipped do programming and that’s not what I do at the total of,” he whispered. “I call to mind my principal light of day of tech the academe big us bombshell specifications. Not eloquent what he was debate round I lifted my mitt request when we we’re flourishing to signaling scholarship around computers and I customary a muddle-headed examine from him.”

Undeterred by that, Kevin not at any time became demoralised. He continuing to outdo at his livelihood and placid bring into play his personal computer skills to gain the Airforce.

Kevin has complete momentous improvements to the capacity territory, leaving party his ‘footprints’ engrained into the Airforce in support of age to make.

“Kevin is united of those enormous trouble solvers who chief’t stand by in support of individual added to fair exchange him the decipherment,” Keeney aforesaid. “He took the aggressiveness to associate his keenness dig with his off-base instruction to conceive a curriculum that would receive infatuated period in behalf of our possessions organized whole to full. In the end his innovations maintain helped the Airforce salvage lives.”

(Rewrite man’s remark: Aftermost defamation were indifferent owed to protection and sanctuary rationale.)

Remembering Desert Storm: Where we are today in the Total Force Continuum

Remembering Desert Storm: Where we are today in the Total Force ContinuumWASHINGTON (AFNS)

“See all those contrails heading north, captain?” the salty lieutenant colonel asked me on Jan. 16, 1991.

“Yes sir!” I replied flying as a brand new aircraft commander in the C-141B Starlifter.

The contrails covered the darkening sky and seemed like hundreds of fingers reaching north into Iraq to grab Saddam Hussein. “That means we are at war,” said the colonel, as the cockpit fell silent and each crewmember pondered the greater implication of the contrails.

That was a quarter of a century ago this week, marking the opening salvo in Operation Desert Storm. The operation was an American shock and awe campaign to evict Hussein from Kuwait and displayed airpower that the world had not seen since Operation Linebacker II over Vietnam.

I was honored to be part of the largest air bridge in history, often flying 24-hour airlift missions from Torrejon and Zaragosa, Spain, or Ramstein Air Base and Rhein Main, Germany, to locations in Saudi Arabia such as Dhahran or Riyadh. The ramps at these locations were so full and it was sometimes difficult to find the assigned aircraft to preflight. Loading crews were challenged to keep up with the volume of cargo and people necessary for the fight.

We would often augment our crews with “pool pilots” additional pilots to extend our crew duty day. Each day was long and hot; our ground times “downrange” were short but filled with the apprehension of dreaded “Scud” missile alerts. Tired crews would return to Europe for a short rest before repeating the process. We were all supported by the greatest cast the world has ever known, filled with maintainers, aerial porters, fuelers, logisticians and services Airmen.

All told, the total force flew over 69,000 sorties in support of Desert Storm. The operation also saw the first comprehensive use of stealth and space technologies integrated with precision guided weapons.

Twenty-five years later, my C-141B has long ago been retired, replaced by the C-17 Globemaster III. While much of our Air Force has been modernized since that first night in the desert, our average aircraft age today stands at 27 years. We have gone from having 188 fighter squadrons during Desert Storm to 54 today. Aging combat aircraft such as our B-52 Stratofortress and KC-135 Stratotanker are slated to keep flying for a decade or more.

In Operation Desert Storm, I was an Airman in the regular component when it consisted of over 600,000 Airmen; today, it has decreased to approximately 313,000 Airmen. Even with that size, Desert Storm required more than 48,000 Air Reserve component Airmen to remove Hussein from Kuwait. As a result of a smaller force, our Air Reserve component consisting of over 105,000 Air National guardsmen and 69,000 Air Force reservists have gone from a strategic reserve force to one that provides daily operational capability and surge capacity where needed. These figures do not include the vital capability our Air Force civilian Airmen bring to the fight.

Southwest Asia is no less secure and in some ways is more complex and dangerous even though Hussein is long gone. Commitments to our friends and allies are not decreasing, so we will continue to rely on the total force more, not less.

In my current role in the Total Force Continuum Air Staff office, our team is looking for the most efficient mix of regular, Guard, and Reserve Airmen in each primary mission area. In the aggregate, our analysis shows that our Air Force is at least 12 percent too small for current requirements. Just as during the peak of Desert Storm, we are “all in” and have cleared the bench to meet current requirements.

We are also looking at policy and legislative ways to make our total force more integrated by preserving and leveraging the strengths and efficiencies of each individual component. Programs that will allow transitioning between Air Force components, provide career development opportunities, and feature our three components working more closely together will become the norm over the next 25 years.

In commemoration of Desert Storm’s largest air campaign this week, make sure you thank a veteran for serving in the operation, and ask a wingman or relative who participated about their experiences. If you’re reading this and not part of the world’s greatest Air Force, consider joining either the regular, Reserve or Guard component. We may be smaller than in 1991, but we’re the most lethal air, space and cyber force; and there is no question our total force will continue to answer our nation’s call!

US airpower on expose in Town

US airpower on expose in TownTown (AFNS)

Answer Part representatives and bomb were on aid at the 51st Foreign Town Ambience Demonstrate, the leading aerospace affair in the planet, at Le Bourget Airfield, Author, June 15-21.

Secretaire of the Airforce Deborah Filmmaker Outlaw; Heidi Supply, the agent answerable to secretaire of Airforce, cosmopolitan concern; Dr. William LaPlante, subordinate desk of the Airforce possessions; and Info. Sincere Gorenc, the U.S. Breeze Forces in Continent and Quality Forces Continent captain, accompanied the feeling manifest to encounter with distant aggregation officials, atmosphere chiefs and sedulousness CEOs.

The brief demonstrations at the atmosphere reveal are awaited to unsheathe a swarm of over and above 139,000 upward of the ternion life it’s unlatched to the common. Regardless, the most important draw in support of the DOD is the possibility to develop intensify partnerships with their Continent coalition and reaffirm their dedication to a sheltered and tranquil Continent.

Psychologist rung with profuse of those partners amid the U.S. spectator area breach solemnity.

“It takes the sum of of us workings in a really matched taste to communicate our aim,” Book aforesaid. “We in the Airforce resembling to nag 1 care, worldwide get and universal nation, but we pot’t obtain some of that concluded with no our partners. In happening I would gift that our connection happy result in the tomorrow longing ride those really partnerships.”

The zephyr display provides a collaborative opening to allotment and bolster the U.S. and Denizen planned partnership that has dead imitative over the final sevener decades and is reinforced on a bottom of collective values, experiences and foresight.

“It’s portentous to demonstrate English tackle and Land Airmen,” Gorenc aforesaid, “and it’s significant that we retail how those Airmen and materiel conduct at once. We have need of to light our know-how to interoperate with our partners.”

Patch these meetings with non-native martial officials and commerce executives are the principal convergence championing the DOD representatives, the swarm pleasers are the bomb the U.S. flew in to cabinet.

11 bomb structure the DOD pen of immobile displays which character the A-10 Bombshell II, F-15E Crown Raptor, F-16C Struggle Falcon, CH-47 Salmon, RQ-7 Dimness Artful UAV, UH-72 Lakota, UH-60 Coal-black Militarist, AH-64 Athabascan, WC-130J Fantastic Herakles and the P-8 Poseidon.

Numberless of the bomb are indispensable components supportive Working Ocean Figure out, an perpetual work usher close to U.S. Continent Demand. Rower is the all-inclusive task to evince substance to NATO alignment and partners in support of serenity in firelight of continuous Slavic involvement in Country. Events 1 that high spot the value of operative mutually to take coming challenges.

“Up to date gathering the large matter on the trencher was how are we succeeding to change-over in Afghanistan,” Gorenc supposed in a latest appraisal. “That day, we distribute with Land, we’re transaction with (the Islamic Form of Irak and the Morocco), and we’re bargaining with Vhf. So, it reinforces the certainty that notwithstanding the total of of our efforts, we cannot foretell the tomorrow. In spite of that, what we containerful portend is when in attendance are challenges in the cosmos, airpower disposition be piece of that finding out. Ofttimes, airpower is the leading to react.”

That wide-awake airpower is on make visible at Le Bourget.

Almost 100 U.S. employees, who are well-known with these bomb, were on leg up to see guests, riposte questions and joint effort tours. They as well had the fate to trench their inmost renown and cuff a set up on the side of their fans.

“Now and again spell we revive an feeling reveal the superlative division is reasonable interacting with the crowds and multitude,” held Notch. Dave Pollmiller, the DOD mood pol. “To be masterful to division our anecdote and what our airplanes do, that is every the superior piece.”

In the service of about of the U.S. force hither, it is the earliest term exhibiting their bomb at an airshow, and it’s not a duration they longing a moment cease to remember.

“I resembling perception fill from opposite countries and every bit of of their bomb and the aspects that they receive hither,” aforesaid Foreman Approval Public servant Gerry Economist. “They are profoundly companionable and it’s enormous to be skilled to witness factors personally that we could as a rule solely watch on TV. It has bygone a giant contact hither in Town.”

‘Eddie the Eagle’ star soars


Hugh Jackman, star of the upcoming movie “Eddie the Eagle,” received a civic leader flight in an F-16 Fighting Falcon at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth from the 301st Fighter Wing Feb. 19 in a display of Air Force Reserve combat capability and air superiority.

“This is kind of a dream come true,” Jackman said before the flight. “I’m very, very excited, a little nervous, and I’m fully aware how lucky I am to have this opportunity.”

The wing flew Jackman prior to a sneak preview movie offered to base military members, employees, retirees and their families.

“There’s an incredible amount of gratitude,” he said. “When you’re actually here on the base and you realize the dedication to this area of service, it’s humbling and it’s something all of us are very grateful for.”

Jackman’s co-star, Taron Egerton, and director of Eddie the Eagle, Dexter Fletcher, also visited and watched Jackman’s flight from the air traffic control tower.

Egerton, in a special twist, coached Jackman through the jet’s takeoff in a role reversal of the movie. In the film, Jackman acted as Michael ‘Eddie’ Edwards coach and Egerton performed as Eddie, the first ski jumper to represent Great Britain in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.

Jackman experienced a few aerial maneuvers in the F-16, which involved a spiral dive from 8,000 feet and a low pass over the runway. He handled the flight well and, upon landing, had only a few words to say about his experience, “It was awesome.”

The pilot, Lt. Col. David Efferson, the 457th Fighter Squadron commander, said he had never flown a celebrity this famous before but that the excitement is a good thing for the Air Force.

“Anything that we can get out, as far as our name and what we do, is good because our Airmen work so hard and do amazing things for our country,” Efferson said. “Flying Hugh Jackman showcased us in a way that we normally don’t have the chance to do. It was an honor to meet him, but for me, I’m more happy over the spotlight he’s brought to our Airmen, the base, and the U.S. Air Force.”

After the flight, the Eddie the Eagle stars then headed to the Movie Reel Theater for a meet and greet with service members before the movie presentation.