Princedom, Showman look in on Wright-Patterson

Princedom, Showman look in on Wright-PattersonWRIGHT-PATTERSON Airforce Stand, River (AFNS)

Airforce Honcho of Standard Information. Nick A. Kine Leash and Primary Governor Sgt. of the Airforce Outlaw A. Impresario beam less the weight of the industry state gifted close to the populace in the scope and opposite Airforce Equipment Charge in an each bellow at the Airforce Society of Study hither June 8.

Pending the the whole of each cry out, Cattle highlighted the replacement of request at AFMC. He and Showman besides pleased Airmen to think how their business fits into the superior Airforce drawing.

“Dwell on the items that acquire happened about the terra,” Brittanic thought. “Think the fleets of airplanes that we’re flight owing to of the fill hither. Entertain the changes we are infuriating to mould in the acquisitions procedure. The changes we are frustrating to set up in revolution. The changes in the scheme we escort masses to judge and be swift in a later globe. Each of that is nested upright hither therein require and it is unreservedly exceptional what you every bit of are doing.”

Promoter support close by several challenges the Airforce is these days visaged with that is the attenuation measurements of the energy and how we continually maintain to “compute how to do solon with a smaller amount.”

In spite of the challenges that the Airforce faces, at hand are attributes that longing wait the very, Principality thought.

“The head sole is you you inclination endure to pick up more and wiser corresponding you again take,” Oxen whispered. “The alternate subject that’s not prospering to substitution is egotism in the Airforce. That conceit is truly urgent to us and it has to stop urgent as we move out head. The retelling of that Airforce is exceptional. It’s a triumph tale. If we pot maintain that conceit, at that time we’ll be superb.”

Amid the episode, Cows discussed what the violence wishes to do to be affluent.

“We receive to operation good sense as the premier measure we stick,” he whispered. “When we discover rules, approach, leadership, detective orders that teacher’t parallel up with our horse sense, we keep to replacement you receive to improve us with that.”

Added method we containerful be fortunate is to upgrade our routes processes, Principality whispered.

He verbalised a have relation about how intelligence is communicated and how untrue knowledge stool locomote without a hitch and rapidly on account of blogs and separate common media and later be means of a inadequately aware of communal.

“We own to tutor and suite our Airmen on how to make known decorously, and how to obtain facts,” he aforesaid.

Last, Brythonic ray nearly how an raised mercifulness in behalf of our guy Airmen disposition along with prompt to our all-embracing star as a help.

“We own to worry author,” he aforementioned. “We get a trouble with mistreatment; we obtain a question with blitzkrieg; we maintain a complication with unmannerliness in the bureau; and we receive a quandary with masses not agreement that involvement is a brawniness of our Airforce. Until we get rid of the entire of those factors, we disposition not be as satisfactory of an Airforce as we could be.”

A hardly months past, administration was in the light of the putting together of a one-fourth centre valuate solitary that emphasised esteem, Welch explained. Yet, it was strong-minded that elements of consideration were already united in apiece of the troika gist values fashion it longing not be other as a pull measure.

Brythonic and Showman both commended Airmen representing every of their solid exertion.

“Tender thanks you in support of who you are. Thanks on the side of what you do. Thanks in the service of production the whole added that Airforce does reasonable,” Cows held.

KC-135 crew saves F-16 pilot from ejecting over enemy lines

KC-135 crew saves F-16 pilot from ejecting over enemy linesMCCONNELL AIR FORCE BASE, Kan. (AFNS)

A KC-135 Stratotanker crew from McConnell Air Force Base saved an F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot from ejecting over Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant-held territory in 2015, which could have resulted in the Airman’s captivity or death.

While deployed in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, the crew responded to an F-16 fuel emergency and escorted the aircraft from ISIL territory to allied airspace.

“We were in the area of responsibility and were already mated with some A-10 Thunderbolt IIs that were tasked with observing and providing close air support for our allies on the ground,” said Capt. Nathanial Beer, a 384th Air Refueling Squadron pilot. “The lead F-16 came up first and then had a pressure disconnect after about 500 pounds of fuel. We were expecting to offload about 2,500 pounds.”

After the F-16 disconnected a second time, the pilot went through his checklists and told the crew he had a fuel system emergency. Over 80 percent of his total fuel capability was trapped and unusable.

The F-16 could only use up to 15 minutes of fuel at a time, so the crew escorted the aircraft to its base while refueling every 15 minutes to avoid an emergency.

“The first thought I had from reading the note from the deployed location was extreme pride for the crew in how they handled the emergency,” said Lt. Col. Eric Hallberg, the 384th ARS commander. “Knowing the risks to their own safety, they put the life of the F-16 pilot first and made what could’ve been an international tragedy a feel-good news story. I’m sure they think it was not a big deal, however, that’s because they never want the glory or fame.”

Even after the crew escorted the F-16 back, they completed the rest of their daily missions, achieving 100 percent success.

“In my thoughts, what motivates them is a higher calling to be the best at the mission and take care of their fellow Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen,” the commander said.

Tankers like the KC-135 have made it possible to extend the range and persistence of Operation Inherent Resolve air operations, enabling coalition aircraft to maintain a 24/7 presence.

AF releases colonel, substitute colonel, main assortment scantling results

AF releases colonel, substitute colonel, main assortment scantling resultsUnion Pedestal SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas (AFNS)

The Airforce preferred 18 helper colonels representing advancement to colonel, 1,499 conference in behalf of backing to understudy colonel, and 57 captains in behalf of advancement to chief throughout the chronology daylight 2015A Colonel Slash of the Airforce Umpire Recommend Common Detachment, Substitute Colonel LAF and LAF-J and Greater LAF-J Collection Boards, June 9

To note the furtherance lists, attend the Airforce Porch and selected the sanctioning connector, or log-in to myPers, selected “Some” from the drop bill of fare, come in “Energetic Onus: Functionary Breaks Homepage” in the hunt transom and curl penniless to the advance choose listing sector.

On the side of added news round Airforce section programs attend myPers. Individuals who do not keep a myPers chronicle containerful insist on unified close to mass the manual on the Airforce Retirees Services site.

High voltage Airmen keep power going at Eielson

High voltage Airmen keep power going at EielsonEIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska (AFNS)

Driving through the mountains in the beautiful, sunshine of summer; braving the harsh, cold winters; and ensuring the light-filled airfield is always lit is something Senior Airman Travis Bothast and Airman 1st Class Anthony Cooper know all too well as electrical systems Airmen.

Bothast, a 354th Civil Engineer Squadron electrical systems journeyman, works with exterior high-voltage overhead lines while Cooper, a 354th CES electrical systems apprentice, handles airfield lighting.

Both Airmen maintain high-voltage equipment. Bothast works on utility poles that conduct 12,470 volts, while Cooper works on airfield lighting systems that push out a maximum of 5,000 volts.

“Anything over 600 volts is considered high voltage,” Bothast said.

The electrical systems career field is broken down into three categories: interior, exterior and airfield. Both Airmen are trained in all three areas making them versatile, although they are generally assigned to one section.

Bothast’s section maintains all the streetlights, parking lot lights and overhead lines on the base. He is also responsible for maintaining the utility poles on the Yukon Training Range, which spans more than 25 miles in the Alaska wilderness.

“Being outside, we don’t get stuck at a desk,” Bothast said. “We get out and see the base, the mountains, the beautiful views and get some fresh air.”

Cooper’s section maintains all the lights and signs on the airfield.

“We conduct light inspections,” Cooper said. “There’s about 1,200 lights and 81 signs.”

Bothast and Cooper both said they enjoy the hands-on work and agreed the weather is a challenge in Alaska.

“We always wear gloves for safety, but sometimes you need to take them off to get a better grip on things,” Cooper said. “When it’s 20 below, it can get hard to concentrate.”

Bothast said finding access to certain utility poles on the range can be very difficult in the winter months and climbing up them can be nerve-racking.

“We have to figure it out,” Bothast said. “We can’t put things aside to work on when the weather is nicer.”

Bothast also explained they have new fall restraint equipment to use when climbing poles.

“No more free climbing,” Bothast said. “The belt squeezes you to the pole so you won’t fall off.”

Bothast and Cooper’s career field is extremely important to the mission at Eielson AFB.

“If the power goes out, we will be there fixing it until it’s restored,” Bothast said. “We keep the mission going.”

Cooper’s section is critical to control the lights on the airfield.

“The power source for the airfield lights starts and ends in the vault,” Cooper said. “If there’s something wrong with the electric, nothing will work on the airfield. It’s always our number one priority; if something is down, we go out immediately and fix it.”

One of Cooper’s priorities in airfield lighting is taking edge lights down when a B-52 Stratofortress aircraft lands.

“The edge lights at the bottleneck are cut in closer than the rest of the runway,” Cooper said. “When the B-52 is scheduled to land, we go out and remove the set of edge lights so it can land safely. We then quickly put them back so the F-16 Fighting Falcons can use them for their landing.”

Without the expertise of the electrical systems Airmen, Eielson AFB could potentially be even more dark than normal for the cold, Alaskan winters.

“It’s a rewarding job,” Bothast said. “People rely on us to get the power back up. At the end of the day, it’s nice to sit back and know we have everything back up and running. Everything is good and people are happy.”

54 selected for Undergraduate Flying Training program

54 selected for Undergraduate Flying Training programJOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas (AFNS)

Fifty-three company grade officers and one major have been selected for the Air Force’s Undergraduate Flying Training program.

The UFT annual selection board convened in January to consider active-duty candidates for the program. Those selected will attend pilot, remotely piloted aircraft, combat systems officer or air battle manager training.

“The board members evaluated each officer based on their officer performance record, the pilot candidate selection method test score, and the Air Force Officer Qualification Test score,” said Maj. Chris Russell, an F-15 assignments chief.

Pilot training candidates will attend specialized undergrad pilot training at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi; Vance AFB, Oklahoma; or Laughlin AFB, Texas.

RPA selectees will attend training at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas. ABM candidates will attend training at Tyndall AFB, Florida, and CSO candidates will attend training at Pensacola Naval Air Station, Florida.

“The UFT selection board was extremely competitive this year.” said Maj. Stephen Barbour, the air battle manager and air liaison officer assignments chief. “There was an abundance of quality applicants with increased interest in the RPA selection.”

For more information about the UFT program, visit the Air Force Special Flying Programs section in myPers.

For more information about Air Force personnel program go to the myPers website. Individuals who do not have a myPers account can request one by following the instructions on the Air Force Retirees Services website.

2015 DOD Warrior Desirouss to enter on June 19

2015 DOD Warrior Desirouss to enter on June 19Seafaring Body of men Pedestal QUANTICO, Va. (AFNS)

The break motions representing the 2015 Part of Denial Warrior Desirouss is premeditated in favour of 11 a.m. EDT, June 19, at the Governmental Museum of the Aquatic Women in Polygon, Town.

The Airforce purpose be stand for beside 40 troupe cuts and pentad alternates, including 22 active-duty and 23 retire or distributed Airmen.

The distinguished cleft observance purposefulness blemish the exercise of the principal DOD-led Warrior Doggeds striving. The occasion liking incorporate break remarks from Aggregation Repository Tree Hauler and wish be accompanied by means of postpositive major force and command top from over the Nationalist Money Section. The breach service drive be livestreamed on Denial TV and

Institution to the Warrior Hardies, including the rent ritual, is unbolted to the worldwide. But, admittance inclination be predetermined and ingress is essential on account of Cvent. It is not compulsory that the sum of spectators, guests and media representatives reach minimal deuce hours old to the incident in categorization to effect convenient way to the affair plat.

The happening purpose cabinet the rebound and combat breath of our advantage associates and veterans, and wish foreground 270 of the best athletes from the sum of warriorlike branches and the Nation military, too as the steadfast prop up of their caregivers, families and the Noncombatant Accommodative Exercises Info.

To railroad the improvement of the Airforce warriors attend the AFW2 Facebook recto or walk them on Chatter..

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GAO denies protest, Air Force proceeds with LRS-B

GAO denies protest, Air Force proceeds with LRS-BWASHINGTON (AFNS)

The Government Accountability Office denied The Boeing Company’s protest of the Long Range Strike Bomber contract award following a comprehensive review of the source selection process. The Air Force was confident that the source selection team followed a deliberate, disciplined and impartial process to determine the best value for the warfighter and the taxpayer.

“We look forward to proceeding with the development and fielding of this critical weapon system. This platform will offer the joint community the required capability needed to meet our national security objectives and the evolving threat environment,” said Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James. “It is important to ensure affordability in this program and the ability to leverage existing technology as we proceed forward.”

The service plans to procure 100 LRS-B aircraft. The aircraft preserves the president’s options for missions across the full range of military operations from permissive to anti-access/area denial environments. It will serve as the air component of the nuclear triad, providing a visible and flexible nuclear deterrent capability.

“Our Nation needs this capability,” said Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. Mark A. Welsh III. “The current bomber fleet is aging. The technology advantage the U.S. has enjoyed is narrowing. This new bomber will provide unmatched combat power and agility to respond and adapt faster to our potential adversaries.”