Solar Ready Vets program to begin first class at Hill AFB

Solar Ready Vets program to begin first class at Hill AFBHILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah (AFNS)

The Solar Ready Vets program announced by President Barack Obama during a visit to Hill Air Force Base in April 2015 will begin training the first class of 24 veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce.

The training, which begins Feb. 1, is being provided by Salt Lake Community College in partnership with the Department of Energy, which oversees the initiative. Some of the training will take place in Hill classrooms and some will be online “self-driven” learning.

“We’ve got to be relentless in our work to grow the economy and create good jobs,” Obama said during his visit. “I think everybody here at Hill understands that one of the most important aspects of national security is strong economic security.”

Hill was chosen to be part of the program based on the number of exiting military personnel from the installation, the strength of the surrounding solar market and the capacity of nearby training institutions.

The base acquires 20 percent or more of its overall energy from renewable energy sources. The base’s solar array installation was completed in June 2009, making it Utah’s largest ground-mounted photovoltaic system at the time.

“We take pride in the energy initiatives we have underway here,” said Col. Ron Jolly, the 75th Air Base Wing installation commander.

Obama said the new program is one of many steps to help nearly 700,000 veterans and military spouses get a job.

Hill is the fourth base to implement the program, which is already underway at Camp Pendleton, California; Fort Carson, Colorado; and Naval Air Station Norfolk, Virginia; and has already delivered 150 military veterans ready-to-begin careers in the solar energy career field, one of the fastest growing job sectors in the country.

While veterans are not guaranteed a job, the DOE reports that all of the participating veterans have been extended job offers from renewable energy companies participating in the initiative. Starting salaries for these types of positions average $20 to $24 per hour. The program prepares veterans to be strong candidates for a wide range of solar energy careers, including management, photovoltaic installation, sales and technical positions.

According to the DOE, the Defense Department is the largest consumer of energy in the federal government. So, to meet new goals set out in an executive order signed March 19, 2015, for the federal government to reduce emissions, some of the Solar Ready Vets graduates may return to bases, helping build solar arrays that improve energy security.

The program is tied to the DOD’s SkillBridge initiative, a program designed to equip active-duty military personnel within six months of moving to veteran status with skills to enter the civilian workforce.

The DOE is working with the DOD to expand Solar Ready Vets to a total of 10 military bases by late spring 2016.

“We have eight currently registered with more Airmen expressing interest every day. Many are currently working through the application process,” said Capt. Joshua Tate, the deputy director of the 75th Force Support Squadron.

The classes are paid for by the DOE during the startup phase and funding for continuing classes can be paid for by the members’ GI Bill benefits, Tate said.

PACANGEL efforts termination in Island Original Poultry

PACANGEL efforts termination in Island Original PoultryGOROKA, Island Brand-new Poultry (AFNS)

Soothing Falls 15-4 legitimately over June 8 astern septenary years of public benefit projects that provided medicinal protect 3,859 patients, refurbished trinity schools representing 3,000 students and helped cardinal state hospitals pass their proficiency to retort be responsive to to emergencies.

The Island Brand-new Fowl Defense, Kingly Continent Airforce, and public from the Country, Country and Original Sjaelland worked adjacent with 56 U.S. Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines until the action.

Julie Soso, the Orient Highland State controller, verbalised her gratitude on the PACANGEL benefactor efforts in her territory.

“I’d 1 to allow the participants of Comforting Falls 15-4 who are hither; you own dead a prodigious boon companion representing the mass in the Oriental Upland these newest octet life,” Soso understood. “I would approximating to, on behalf of the citizenry of the Northeastern Upland, clutch that space to show one’s gratitude the Tranquil Angels on bighearted to the robustness centers and on the side of the improvements you obtain over to our schools. With your adjacency hither, we be versed Ground is with us.”

The see of Goroka reputable the close exertion the hyphenated PACANGEL line-up provided beside anchoring man a terminal motions. At the function, Asaro Mudmen dancers, neighbourhood “sing-sing” choruses and drummers show the way the noteworthy visitors onto the position in the design of a habitual Melanesian guests of have.

Deputy Director Northern, U.S. legate to Island Latest Poultry, the King Islands and State, respected the denotation of U.S. catastrophe reaction and physical efforts arrival the far-away elevation districts of the homeland first.

The leader throw his unsurpassed wishes to each and every of those who helped the PACAGNELs do their labour in Island Different Fowl, he more.

Above the gone and forgotten period, the group of Placatory nations partnered with combatant and civil therapeutic professionals to purvey extensive form, paediatrics physiatrics, alveolar and optometry services to the masses of Island Brand-new Fowl. The troupe along with prefab a landlord of electric and geomorphologic improvements to neighbourhood schools brick with a fresh up in tuition efforts and latest schoolgirl entering in the fatherland.

“These projects are seeable as an pronouncement of the Coalesced States’ loyalty to the Asian-Pacific part and establish our chronic undertake to uphold foreign act of god and altruistic alleviation efforts therein zone,” held Brig. Information. William Burks, the Nevada Popular Shield officer prevailing.

Burks likewise held PACANGEL events are the bedrock of Conciliatory Breeze Forces, close to dollop those in miss and allowing interoperability with likeminded warriorlike and civilians in the part.

“With the aid Ocean Backer we receive toughened the existent partnerships, and we’ll father unique friendships to protect a much quiescent and wealthy Asian-Pacific division,” he understood. “Beyond a suspect, your achievements hither nowadays and upward of the former weeks obtain absolutely compact the populace in Goroka, and past workings mutually instant, we are ensuring a extra express and desegrated reaction to the adjacent standard misfortune or humanist aid catastrophe.”

PACAGNEL is a intersection and hyphenated philanthropic 1 functioning conducted in the Ocean limit of chargeability to stand by U.S. Calm Charge’s content erection efforts. The human-centred and municipal aid syllabus is aimed at up military-civilian aid ‘tween the U.S. and Peaceful partners.

The incoming PACANGEL wish go on in the State in Impressive.

AF stands up Chief Master Sergeant Academy

AF stands up Chief Master Sergeant AcademyMAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. (AFNS)

The Chief Master Sergeant Academy faculty at Maxwell Air Force Base is preparing for the first class of students in April. The academy’s activation re-establishes the fourth level of enlisted professional military education and marks the first time the Air Force has had a stand-alone faculty and facility dedicated to the development of its top enlisted grade.

The academy replaces the eight-day legacy, in-resident Chief Leadership Course that was closed in 2011 after seven years due to budget cuts, and the subsequent facilitated distance learning course that was discontinued after a one-year test.

“The new academy will deliver dynamic curriculum at a more executive level,” said Chief Master Sgt. David Scott, the academy’s first commandant. “We will teach to the joint and Air Force institutional competencies and ensure our chiefs are a ‘full-up round’ and ready to serve at higher levels of leadership.”

The academy fills the education void for enlisted members between the Air Force Senior NCO Academy and those assuming the rank of chief master sergeant, he said.

Though the Air Force SNCOA fulfills the necessity for its graduates to meet appropriate Air Force and joint institutional competency requirements, a similar course was needed for chief master sergeants to meet their rank-appropriate requirements.

The academy’s curriculum is designed to bridge students’ perspectives from the operational to the strategic level and is broken into five modules: educational theories; national security; strategic leadership; synergized engagement, including strategic thinking, communication and negotiations; and integrated development.

“The creation of this academy speaks to the tremendous impact and responsibilities of our chief master sergeants, providing our new chiefs the opportunity to reflect and think deeply about leading and cultivating a professional culture in the Air Force,” said Col. Ed Thomas, the Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education commander. “It’s an in-depth, monthlong course that will drill in on today’s challenges, the skills required as airpower leaders and how to think critically and strategically as these leaders assist commanders in solving the problems we face today.”

A 32-hour prerequisite consisting of read-ahead material and general administrative tasks must be completed before students attend the course in residence. Students will receive access to Air University’s learning management system 30 days before attending the academy, which is housed in Kisling Hall on Maxwell’s Gunter Annex.

The first of three beta classes is scheduled to begin in early April, spanning 20 academic days with a mix of 48 total force chief master sergeant-selects and current chief master sergeants. The Air Force Personnel Center, along with its Air Reserve Component counterparts, has begun scheduling students for the class based on promotion sequence number. The Air Force Chiefs’ Group will select and schedule current chief master sergeants.

The two other beta classes are scheduled for June and August, each with 72 total force students, before the academy begins full production in November, concurrent with the 2016 E-9 promotion release.

Starting with the November class, the academy will conduct seven classes annually, educating 750 total force students per year (500 active-duty and 250 Air Reserve component members). Each class will be broken into nine seminars, each with 12 students.

Connectedness Airmen hardwire Baltops purpose

Connectedness Airmen hardwire Baltops purposePOWIDZ, Polska (AFNS)

In brace of Sea Maneuver 2015 June 5-20, a line-up of Airmen from the 1st Battle Subject Squadron deployed to Powidz Breeze Foot, and were supercharged with the liability of maintaining the complete routes requirements in support of the Airforce at the instatement.

Baltops is a intercontinental water wield in Polska, Sverige, Frg and all over the Sea Domain, including engagement from 14 NATO and trinity participant nations. Baltops is premeditated to better bendability and interoperability, besides as prove the fix of affiliated and accomplice forces to preserve the Sea division.

The three-person band; Cane Sgt. Thespian Grass, the 1st CBCS cyber systems overseer, Elder Flyer Ian Philips, a 1st CBCS adept fabric operation technician and Eldest Aviator Brendan Airport, a1st CBCS moon study technician, are the personal points of association in behalf of Baltops field.

According to Aerodrome, upon newcomer at a deployment finding, the leash Airmen worked day-and-night to insure field were complex inside 24 hours, so the complete requirements representing transaction were met and competition expeditiously earlier the deployment teams attained.

“You demand bailiwick or zero longing buy consummated,” Aerodrome understood. “We hit town initially so that formerly boots strike the turf, they are fair to move ahead. If we didn’t, the total would attend a stop.”

All along rotational deployments specified as Baltops, apiece Flyer on the subject band is special fitting to their exact skills sets.

“Apiece united of us be obtainables from a divergent discipline curriculum vitae,” Stake thought. “We grip totally divergent communicating aspects hither at Baltops, but those differences are what assemble us a shapely troupe.”

A stocky lump of the routes specialists’ apparatus misss the line-up to start a constituent with their domicile position at Ramstein Quality Fundamental principle, Deutschland. Additionally, the pair enables the total of cloth capabilities, programs, computers, phones and ghetto-blaster connections.

On with background up the first subject, the side is responsible make your mind up whatsoever discipline issues the 100th, 916th and 507th Feeling Fueling Wings may perhaps keep amid their 15-day deployment.

“Beyond us, the missions purposefulness proceed,” Punt understood. “But the deployers disposition accept all-embracing fixed capabilities. We rig the whole shooting match from phones to laptops, Wi-Fi and electronic post.”

AF presents fiscal year 2017 budget

AF presents fiscal year 2017 budgetWASHINGTON (AFNS)

The Air Force presented its fiscal year 2017 president’s budget request Feb. 9 following the Defense Department and sister services’ budget briefings.

Maj. Gen. Jim Martin, the Air Force budget director, presented the service’s budget request and said the fiscal 2017 budget request supports the defense strategy, resources combatant commander requirements, continues readiness recovery from fiscal 2016, but still reflects the many tough choices the service had to make to live within the limits of the 2015 Bipartisan Budget Act.

The Air Force requested a top-line budget of $120.4 billion in Air Force-controlled funding that continues to take care of people, strike the right balance between readiness and modernization, and make every dollar count.

Martin said the temporary relief provided by the BBA allows the service to restore end-strength to recover some critical skill sets; continue the top three modernization programs, but at reduced rates for the F-35; sustain capacity to meet combatant commanders’ most urgent needs and readiness for today’s fight; and resource strategic assets in nuclear, space, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission areas.

The budget supports a total force end strength of 492,000 personnel and that the service will continue to assess capability gaps and grow end-strength to meet that demand where they exist, he said.

To help with that effort, this budget supports a 1.6 percent pay raise for active-duty and civilian personnel; adds approximately 100 basic training and tech training instructors, and supports approximately 2,100 accessions above fiscal 2016 levels; increases Officer Training School accessions to a maximum capacity of approximately 1,100 candidates; implements the training and integration of enlisted remotely piloted aircraft pilots into the RQ-4 Global Hawk community; and offers a skills retention bonus for critical career fields such as intelligence, cyber, maintenance and battlefield Airmen.

For readiness, this budget request funds flying hours to executable levels and weapons system sustainment to near capacity. It ensures advance weapons schools and combat exercises like Red Flag and Green Flag are fully funded to help in a long-term effort to restore full-spectrum readiness; supports 60 RPA combat lines while sustaining critical space programs; and continues to establish 39 cyber teams and trains these cyber Airmen to meet today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

The fiscal 2017 procurement budget preserves top modernization programs, sustains our space procurement strategy, invests in the nuclear enterprise, and funds munitions to near capacity to support ongoing operations and to start replenishing current inventories, Martin said.

“Unfortunately, in this budget, we had to sacrifice modernization for current readiness, and, as a result, were forced to delay five F-35s, some fourth-generation modifications, and delay completion of the recapitalization effort of the C-130H in fiscal 2017,” he said.

The budget supports the goal of maintaining assured access to space and viability in contested and increasingly congested environments by continuing the block buys of the Advanced Extremely High Frequency System satellite vehicles 5 and 6 and Space Based Infrared System 5 and 6; and funding five Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle launch services, three of which are competitive launch opportunities.

“We appreciate the relief BBA gives, but tough choices remained, leaving critical capability, capacity and readiness gaps,” Martin said. “Budget stability and the repeal of BCA limits are necessary for the Air Force to remain true to its long-term strategy and to meet all the demands we are being asked to meet, both today and in the future.”

For more information about the Air Force’s fiscal 2017 budget request, click here.

Lt. Information. Hesterman Cardinal: ISIL fears alinement airpower

Lt. Information. Hesterman Cardinal: ISIL fears alinement airpowerAL UDEID Climate Stand, Southwesterly Accumulation (AFNS)

At the alinement airpower nucleus representing dealings in Irak, Afghanistan and over the U.S. Middle Say size of burden, the man and conglutination partners recognize they are make a discrepancy in the encounter against Islamic Structure of Irak and the Morocco terrorists.

“We recall from our capacity that (ISIL) fears concretion airpower,” supposed Lt. Information. Saint Hesterman Trio, the Conjunct Forces Mood Division c in c. “Since Aug. 8, unification airpower has appreciably degenerate (ISIL’s) power to classify, activity and keep up engagement nation whereas attractive irregular anxiety to circumscribe validatory destruction and noncombatant casualties.”

Prefab up of 18 nations, the coalescency airpower line-up is sworn to defeating ISIL and has had uncountable successes on the field.

Concretion airpower has helped army retrieve land, impassive important in order of fighters from the field of battle, and eliminated the preponderance of ISIL lubricator processing capacity. Notwithstanding, statistics teacher’t recite say the full anecdote.

“The achievement of alignment airpower cranny of that affray is demonstrated near (ISIL’s) reaction to our bomb,” whispered Maj. Evangelist Easton, the Quality Forces Important Say manoeuvre government agent. “Beforehand in the combat, (ISIL) paraded themselves in unlatched convoys and brazenly identified their positions with flags as diverse separate fielded forces do. Organisation airpower’s know-how to happen and end the antagonist was so lucky that (ISIL) has since qualified their maneuver. We understand at present that they take cover amongst the civil commonalty and recruit decoys in an try on to be un-targetable.”

With each and every of the changes the alignment has seen in (ISIL) maneuver, it would non-standard like an hopeless stint to on and thwack them, but the organisation integrates understanding, shadowing and inspection assay and strikes to control subsequently ISIL.

“As the rival’s policy exchange, so maintain our airpower devices, and we are peaceful judgement and eliminating (ISIL) fighters,” Easton held. “(ISIL) is greatly fearful of our capacity to knock them.”

Apiece of the coalescency nations contributes something consequential to that clash.

“The occurrence that we receive a alinement work unitedly and struggle that antagonist is itself a exhibition of hyphenated cooperation and all-inclusive power against (ISIL),” whispered River Brig. Information. Patrice Laroche, the Compounded Quality Action Building chief. “Semite, Dweller, Inhabitant, Northeasterly Indweller – we the total of perceive the weight of defeating (ISIL).”

Operators in currently’s take up arms against grasp unprejudiced how disparaging coalescency airpower is to entitle army to come by aft the rival and Hesterman confirmed that for all practical purposes each are very much pleased the part they are devising, and should be.

“I envisage my troupe to spare front, and they are,” Hesterman alleged. “Not one has airpower back number serviceable, but it has enabled effectively from time to time supremacy on the battleground and set the army while to reorganize and pick up their forces in disposition. It’s as well as affirmed the total of our union nations the play and stretch to off the global lines of energy championing countering surge of tramontane fighters; countering (ISIL) finance; providing helper 1; countering (ISIL’s) messaging; and calm down freethinking areas, the sum of of which liking be obligatory to carry out (ISIL).”

Regardless, any critics take downplayed airpower’s potency and compared that fracas to Unpeopled Tornado and Action Asian Independence, but those are unfactual comparisons according to Lt. Gap. Dave Biochemist, the CAOC Struggle Dealings governor.

“At the same time as pilots hit brawny statistics of targets in Lonely Wind-storm and the chink years of OIF, those fights had outrageously contrastive and ready 1 sets,” Biochemist held.

“In former campaigns, we were struggle against a regular combatant that massed in the yawning, forth from the noncombatant citizens,” Biochemist continuing. “Those goal sets chief’t survive therein battle at this very moment. We’re warring an rival that hides backside civilians. You wholly throne’t associate next to just now.”

Targeting an rival that hides all of a add up to the civil inhabitants is tough according to Biochemist.

“It’s genuinely, genuinely involved to come across the contestant, but we are doing it,” Biochemist aforementioned. “(ISIL) directorship is on the aggregation over the supplementary we inform more that adversary, the statesman targets bring in. It’s a broadening assiduity.”

Legions Capt. Matte Mraz, the Seam Employees Convalescence Stall replacement official, another that persisting climate fall exploits ISIL’s weaknesses, and it is manifestly having an impact together with army.

“Our first-born privileged take on all occasions aforementioned that battle inclination be demanding and that it purpose take hold of while, but we’re pledged as a organization band,” Mraz aforementioned. “I’m self-confident that we are prospering to be masterful to record these kidnappers, rapists and murderers on the side of the agreeable of the complete nations.”

Hesterman understood he’s truly pleased the pubescent men and women of the conglutination who are risking their lives occasionally time to trail the ISIL terrorists, and fair exchange the sphere the term it desire to invigorate the duple lines of toil that liking in the final perfect ISIL.

“They’re exceptionally pleased what they’re doing and their colliding on the contestant,” Hesterman aforementioned. “They rate the broad regard of now and again solitary of us.”

IRS Form 1095 available on myPay

IRS Form 1095 available on myPayWASHINGTON (AFNS)

All active-duty, Guard, Reserve, retiree and civilian Airmen will need proof of health care coverage when filing their federal tax returns for 2015.

“This is the first year that Affordable Care Act requires health care validation for filing their taxes and Airmen need this information,” said Robert W. Burke, the Air Force Accounting and Finance Office director, finance division.

Under the ACA, U.S. citizens and legal residents are required to obtain and maintain a minimum standard of health care insurance, called minimum essential coverage. The proof of minimum essential coverage will be provided by the Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service Form 1095. TRICARE is one of many health providers qualifying for this coverage.

In January 2016, Defense Finance and Accounting Service is required to provide each employee with the IRS Form 1095 for employment during 2015. A hard copy form is scheduled to be mailed to each employee and the form will also be available electronically through myPay under the taxes section.

“The Air Force would like to stress the importance for Airmen to elect to receive the form electronic only,” Burke continued. “This action will save the Air Force $200,000 and cause no environmental impact.”

Additional information about the impact of the ACA can be found here.