AF Dominion Partnership Promulgation signs 100th partnering treaty

AF Dominion Partnership Promulgation signs 100th partnering treatyALASKA (AFNS)

Eielson Airforce Stand and Thespian accord select few only just symbol the 100th Airforce Territory Partnership (AFCP) Curriculum partnership contract.

Leadership from the 354th Airplane Aerofoil and the neighbouring accord inked a message of accord Possibly will 28 in favour of a partnership enterprise that helps correct personnel dependents with developing education opportunities.

“I’m indebted we were masterful to symbol a infrequent agreements with the agreement already,” alleged Pass. Archangel Winkler, the 354th Protector Portion boss. “The Player Northeastern Nova Borough is an marvellous dominion with unmatched expeditionary buttress.”

The Actor Northward Evening star Borough Institute Table had approaching 165 positions in the service of teachers, unreal teachers, aides and tutors they were 1 to crowd. It was estimated just about 30 of those positions could be filled via soldierly dependents interior the regional extent. Via that step, close by schools in miss of competent baton are second capable to make longer to creative families at Eielson AFB to cram cultivation positions interior the Histrion Northward Heavenly body Borough Secondary Precinct.

“That is equitable the commencement of attributes,” assumed Apostle Philanthropist, the Histrion Northward Supernova Borough politician. “We drive at to industry with our partners and allowance what resources we dismiss.”

A newcomers’ news term is hosted monthly near the Eielson AFB Aeronaut and Relations Promptness Building to support beat into that precious reserve. Grammar partition representatives be at these sit to converse about dormant calling opportunities. Different hires crapper get the demanded guidance, so they are in proper shape to occupation in good time later inbound in the foot vocation.

That is lone of myriad initiatives the AFCP band is presently operational mid 50 installations and their state agreement best as share of an inclusive Airforce trouble to better and substantiate general public and Airforce partnerships.

“We put the hypothesis that provides drilled teams to installations and their adjacent communities,” held Steve Zander, the AFCP Document president. “The leading results are achieved when institution and association most excellent enfold the abstraction of partnering and operation the Airforce’s well-structured proceeding as a resources to realize common appraise and good.”

In its tierce twelvemonth, the announcement has full-blown in directive installations and communities to label partnership opportunities opposite the spectrum of institution services and task fortify. In excess of 1,000 initiatives keep dead identified to epoch, and the results are proving fortunate. These partnerships are identifying different and groundbreaking shipway of support Airmen and their families.

Maintainers put the fight in fighter at Souda Bay

Maintainers put the fight in fighter at Souda BaySOUDA BAY, Greece (AFNS)

Let’s face it, things break. A kid’s toy, TVs, kitchen wear, automobiles, and yes, even a couple million-dollar airplanes can break. That’s when the maintainers of the 52nd Fighter Wing get called to fix what’s broken.

More than 15 F-16 Fighter Falcons assigned to the 480th Fighter Squadron at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, are on a forward training deployment at Souda Bay, Greece, for bilateral training with the Hellenic Air Force until Feb. 15.

“What we’re here for is to get our pilots and maintainers trained and prepared for any future deployments that could send them downrange,” said Capt. Erik Ringstad, the 480th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron Aircraft Maintenance Unit officer in charge. “My role here is to supervise and coordinate the maintainers we have, approximately 230 to provide safe, reliable and secure aircraft for our pilots.”

Once an aircraft lands and is handed over to the maintainers, it can take up to three hours to turn around the aircraft and ready it for the next pilot.

Hellenic Air Force maintainers have been working with the 52nd FW maintainers to get a better understanding of hot pit operations, Ringstand added.

“They currently don’t run that operation here, which is essentially refueling the aircraft while the engine is still running to expedite turn on the aircraft,” he said. “They have been working with our guys to actually get an understanding and to eventually apply that here.”

The U.S. Air Force’s forward presence in Europe allows the U.S. to work with allies and partners to develop and improve ready air forces capable of maintaining regional security.

With flying times starting in the morning and into the late afternoon, it takes more than one shift of Airmen to maintain the aircraft.

“Right now we’re on 10-hour shifts with the ability to go to 12-hour shifts if needed,” said Chief Master Sgt. Brian Parsons, the 480th EFS AMU superintendent. “It’s an open ramp environment which is good for the maintenance aspect of it, as long as the weather cooperates. When it rains, there is not a lot of cover out there.”

For maintainers to get out in an expeditionary environment like this and see what kind of challenges they can face is good training, Parsons said. This deployment also shows continuing contributions to develop and improve air readiness while maintaining security and building long-lasting alliance capacity.

“My mission makes me feel proud and important,” said Staff Sgt. Thai MacLeod, a 480th EFS AMU aerospace ground equipment craftsman. “If we don’t provide power to the jets, the maintainers can’t fix the jets, and jets can’t fly. We play a pretty big part, and I like that.”

They may not be fixing TVs or kids’ toys, but the maintainers spend countless hours each day doing what they say they do best: fixing and maintaining the aircraft of the 52nd FW.

“At the end of the day, from a maintainer’s perspective, we make sure we are proficient and give the aircrew reliable aircraft,” Ringstand said.

AF awards contract for next Air Force One

AF awards contract for next Air Force OneWASHINGTON (AFNS)

The Boeing Company was awarded a contract Jan. 29 for risk reduction activities for the Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization program, which will field the next Air Force One.

This is the first contract the Air Force has awarded for this program. Additional modifications will be made to this contract in the future to purchase the commercial 747-8 aircraft, as well as to design, modify and test those aircraft to meet the presidential mission.

These efforts are the first step in a deliberate process to control program risks and life cycle costs. These activities will include the definition of detailed requirements and design trade-offs required to support informed decisions that will lead to a lower risk Engineering and Manufacturing Development program and lower life cycle costs.

“This is the start of our contractual relationship with Boeing. It will allow Boeing to begin working on what will be the next Air Force One,” said Col. Amy McCain, the Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization program manager. “This initial effort is about reducing risk, really understanding where the tough work will be, finding affordability opportunities, and getting the best value for the taxpayer, while continuing to meet the needs of our commander in chief.”

The secretary of the Air Force has made it clear that affordability will be a key element of the Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization program.

“We will continue to insist upon program affordability through cost conscious procurement practices,” said Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James.

“The presidential aircraft is one of the most visible symbols of the United States of America at home and abroad,” James said. “We will ensure the next Air Force One meets the necessary capabilities established to execute the presidential support mission, while reflecting the office of the president of the United States of America consistent with the national public interest.”

The Air Force wants to own enough of the technical baseline to permit competition for modifications and sustainment throughout the aircraft’s planned 30-year life cycle. Competition can keep costs down, spur innovation and provide technical options.

“We are focused on ensuring this program is affordable,” McCain said. “This contract gets us started on determining how to modify a 747-8 to become the next Air Force One, and finding opportunities for cost reduction through detailed requirements choices, competition of subsystems, and in the sustainment of the aircraft after it has been fielded.”

“The current fleet of VC-25A presidential aircraft has performed exceptionally well, a testament to the Airmen who support, maintain and fly the aircraft,” James said. “Yet, it is time to replace them. Parts obsolescence, diminishing manufacturing sources and increased down times for maintenance are existing challenges that will increase until a new aircraft is fielded.”

Stay term, PT exemptions in the service of creative AF mothers grow to 1 day

Stay term, PT exemptions in the service of creative AF mothers grow to 1 dayPedagogue (AFNS)

The six-month delay as a service to someone Airmen to carry through their pertinence assessments succeeding childbearing desire be magnified to 12 months to stand with current changes to the deployment deferments, Airforce officials declared July 14.

The deployment delay programme, as parcel of the Airforce’s 2015 Disparity and Classification initiatives, increases the deferral from deployment, minuscule excursion or dependent-restricted allotment, and fugitive responsibility to sole class, unless waived via the usefulness associate.

“The target is to ameliorate the overtax on whatever of our expert Airmen who opt to be off the Airforce as they strain to weigh deployments and kinfolk issues, and that is particularly authentic a moment subsequently childbearing,” supposed Confidant of the Airforce Deborah Soldier Saint.

The annual postponement applies to feminine Airmen who gave creation on or later the serviceable season of Demonstration 6, 2015, to fix up with provision predictability with minutest flutter to Airmen and the deployment technique.

As remain nowadays championing deployment, undying difference of position and TDY extend, so moreover intent the exception from the prevailing suitableness estimate on the side of human Airmen masses pregnancies eternal 20 weeks or additional (deliverance, defeat, etc.). The assistance does not forestall critical job or cheerfulness impacts related with extending that motion.

“1 multifarious remaining programs declared originally that gathering, specified as the Calling Interval Promulgation, we place the embryonic faculty benefits related with providing our pistillate Airmen options that admit them to wait on and uphold their kith and kin externally having to on individual greater than the otherwise,” Malefactor supposed.

Airforce Rule Memorandums intent be to hand particularisation the changes to both policies in the future weeks.

The Airforce continues to scrutiny opportunities, in alignment with the Branch of Collection, to carry on the motherliness and recuperating depart term, almost identical to the modern changes declared next to the Confidant of the Armada.

Airmen presently collect sixer weeks (42 years) of pregnancy withdraw, in score with the Section of Denial programme. Alongside managing of the prexy, yankee agencies dismiss go forward prepared figure weeks of salaried carsick retire to yankee employees with a imaginative son.

“We fancy to mould unwavering we enlarge on an just scheme that supports every bit of of our Airmen and too maintains the know-how to carry out our duty,” Apostle whispered.

Ramstein hosts 8th CMSAF

Ramstein hosts 8th CMSAFRAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany (AFNS)

Ramstein Air Base hosted the eighth chief master sergeant of the Air Force for a visit of the base Jan. 25-29.

Retired Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Sam E. Parish spoke with more than 700 of the Air Force’s newest chiefs and future NCOs during his visit. He saw the mission of the 86th Airlift Wing, the 435th Air Ground Operations Wing and the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing. He also visited with U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa Airmen.

“To be able to see the looks on the (faces of Airmen) when you are talking to them is just absolutely awesome,” Parish said. “Knowing what they (what challenges they face) and that I have lived it and to try to convey the message that it can be a great life is unbelievable. It’s a great honor to serve and to be able to meet with these young Airmen.”

The Airmen of the 86th AW demonstrated to Parish how they generate and employ air mobility enabling theater and strategic airpower by operating a key Air Force power projection platform at Ramstein AB. For one Airman who briefed Parish, the most rewarding thing of the event was hearing the contrast of when Parish retired and today’s Air Force.

“It was an honor and privilege because we got to show him how the Air Force has advanced and how Airmen perform,” said Tech. Sgt. Greg Flores, a 37th Airlift Squadron loadmaster. “It’s great to hear the differences of how he came up in the Air Force and how we are operating now.”

Many things have changed around Ramstein AB since Parish was the command chief at USAFE. Fighters use to fly from the ramps of the base, and nowadays cargo movers dominate the skyline.

“It’s great and unbelievable to be back in USAFE (and) to see the changes,” Parish said. “Nobody would believe what I saw when I first came to Ramstein and now it’s as different as night and day.”

New wings, missions and faces but the same great Air Force, Parish said. But some things live on such as paying respect to the Airmen reaching the highest enlisted rank, chief master sergeant. Parish ended his visit by helping induct the newest chief master sergeants during their ceremony.

AF bands carry vacation weekend reliability, fun

AF bands carry vacation weekend reliability, funPedagogue (AFNS)

Dim skies and illogical showers snobbish neither the threesome Airforce bands nor their millions of fans from appearance at numerous locales everywhere in the locality on July 4.

Performances began at the Smithsonian Nationwide Breeze and Spaciousness Museum with the Airforce Stately Temerity Set, followed beside performances from boulder and bang bands Max Crashing at the Educator Shrine, and Airmen of Billet at the Airforce Monument.

Older Leader Sgt. Ryan Frontiersman, Max Colliding’s influence songster, delivered a sobering report ‘tween songs ranging from scarp to burst, to throb and glumness, and plane an first theme.

“It’s remarkable how tune has the aptitude to unprejudiced enlarge and lay some person and convey them invest in dwelling-place,” Backwoodsman aforesaid to devoted fans at the Educator Cairn. “The fact of it is struggle is horrible and contemporary are few present that fill instructor’t dawn.”

With fans attending in droves and liner outfitted procure mugs with the bandeau comrades, Environmentalist believed he matt-up the help not one in behalf of the border but every of the personnel.

“At hand’s no greater sensitivity than to sentinel and note the complete the reddened, chalky and down in the mouth,” Environmentalist alleged. “Our nation’s uneven these life and everybody’s pointed and it’s so imposing to link with solitary speech and claim ‘bloke I’m swelled;’ that’s our assignment to activate devotion.”

Max Collision’s newest and youngest follower, 20-year-old feminine choir girl Investigator. Sgt. Nalani Quintello, demonstrated her calmness in shifter all of a add up to euphonious genres and eras, and assumed she considers her boy bandmates “huge brothers.”

“It’s equitable specified a fantastic sense to be qualified to set oneself forth each and every of those Airmen not at home current who are front challenges every so often celibate epoch disorderly in support of our liberation,” believed Quintello, a erstwhile Denizen Tiki optimistic. “That is the lowest I could do to attend to my homeland and … employ euphony as a restorative aid to alleviate fill and move faithfulness.”

She invitationed the double prospect to upon her state and have fun sound as solid exertion, gaiety exertion and “the first break in the earth.”

After at the Airforce Reminder, Airmen of Notation usher declare jock and pate of group media, First-born Owner Sgt. Kevin Poet, described the throng as the attire’s key, noting the usefulness’s pm combo has performed at hand regularly since the feature’s fissure obsequies in 2006.

“To acquire that broad of a flood fair brews it triply inspiring seeing you acquire that untold supplementary feedback,” Comedian aforementioned. “That singular cenotaph has specified an collision objective life in the medial of it.”

School. Sgt. Ballplayer Wroble, an Airmen of Line featured chorister, whispered the belt represents the fidelity in support of which the Airforce is renowned.

“It’s genuinely gigantic to be clever to put the whist and minds of these quaint Americans, and D.C. has an inflow of visitors from different countries, so it’s an possibleness to assert greeting and carry a minute dash of how we do Sovereignty Broad daylight to them,” Wroble believed. “The freedoms we derive pleasure and the capacity to do that is noteworthy.”

Wroble recalled a late come upon betwixt a Asian zephyr fix and an Airforce oldest superior.

“(The fix ) leaned more than and alleged, ‘if your tie is that adequate, how all right are your pilots?'” Wroble assumed. “These are many of the best musicians you drive happen in the nation.”

Championing a listing of Summertime Concert Succession performances, move hither.

AF announces stand up of Integrated Wing

AF announces stand up of Integrated WingWASHINGTON (AFNS)

The Air Force will stand up an Integrated Wing pilot program at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina, according to Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James.

“The Air Force remains on its flight path toward increasing our effectiveness and efficiency as an integrated total force service while meeting our nation’s military objectives,” James said. “The Integrated Wing concept is an opportunity to more fully integrate and break down barriers between the components as we operate as one Air Force.”

The I-Wing concept evolved from an extensive review and analysis of Congress’ National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force report, originally delivered in 2014. The I-Wing is an in-garrison model designed to better leverage the strengths of each component while balancing capacity, capability and readiness. Although there are several possible I-Wing models, all are designed to functionally integrate similar organizations and streamline chains of command in order to more effectively meet mission requirements. In our current fiscally constrained environment, initial analysis suggests this new total force construct could help the Air Force more effectively provide mission capability and capacity at best value.

The I-Wing is scheduled for initial operational capability in fiscal year 2017. If successful, this model has the potential, together with the highly successful unit associate program, to offer home station commanders another organizational construct to meet mission requirements. The testing phase is expected to take three years, but planners will adjust the timeline as necessary. Lessons learned from the initial I-Wing testing will influence the scope and timing of follow-on locations.

“We are excited about this opportunity to test our highly successful active association at the 916th (Air Refueling Wing) with a new Integrated Wing model,” said Lt. Gen. James F. Jackson, the chief of Air Force Reserve. “This pilot program will determine whether additional synergies can be garnered at this unit during the test and whether any lessons learned are repeatable at other locations in the Air Force.”

The I-Wing structure will not be identical, nor implemented, at every location due to the complexities inherent in each organization. It is also not designed to replace successful unit organizations. Factors such as location, mission, airframe, and composition will necessitate tailoring the exact structure and framework to effectively accomplish the mission while still taking care of our Airmen and families.

Currently, Air Reserve component and active component Airmen are working together in an active association at Seymour Johnson AFB. The 911th Air Refueling Squadron, an active component tanker unit, functionally falls within the organization of the 916th ARW, an Air Force Reserve Command wing, but reports administratively to the 6th Air Mobility Wing at MacDill AFB, Florida. Under the current construct, the organizations work together but are administratively separate, with two corresponding chains of command. In the new I-Wing model, all units will effectively function as a single organization to accomplish the mission.

“The Air Force is always looking for ways to better integrate our components, from the Air Staff to the tactical level. It’s all about making the Air Force more effective and efficient,” said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III. “We believe the Integrated Wing is one of the concepts that will take us to the next level of that effort.”

Specific implementation details, such as final wing structure, unit manning documents, and required exceptions to policy are still in concept development, and courses of action will be finalized prior to the I-Wing’s initial operating capability date.