3-time Super Bowl champ, AF pilot reflects on America’s game

3-time Super Bowl champ, AF pilot reflects on America’s gameFORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. (AFNS)

Super Bowl 50 is just days away and it’s hard not to wonder how one of the U.S. Air Force Academy’s best all-time players fits into that history.

Chad Hennings won three Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys during the 1990s, and his first appearance was within a year’s time of flying his A-10 Thunderbolt II in a combat sortie in northern Iraq.

Hennings, a 1988 Academy graduate, led the nation with 24 sacks and was awarded the Outland Trophy during the 1987 season an award that recognizes the nation’s best interior lineman.

Committed to serve

Following graduation, Hennings now a member of the College Football Hall of Fame was drafted by the Cowboys in the 11th round of the 1988 draft. Before he could even suit up in the NFL, Hennings had to first fulfill his military commitment, a move that was initially hard to accept.

“I wouldn’t say there were regrets, (but) it was an emotional struggle because I wanted to be able to compete,” Hennings said.

From a character perspective, he knew without a doubt what he needed to do because he made a commitment and he was going to stick to it. The drive to compete, however, made his transition from school to pilot training and then into his active-duty squadron a difficult one. That void would eventually be filled with friendly competition as an A-10 pilot.

“We did compete on the range; we competed for performance,” he said. “There (was) always competition and it was a healthy competition.”

After pilot school, Hennings was stationed in the U.K. and deployed twice to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, in 1991 and 1992. While deployed, he flew 45 combat sorties in northern Iraq in support of Operation Provide Comfort, an international relief effort after the Gulf War.

After getting settled into the Air Force, Hennings said he contemplated making a career out of it.

“Football was a distant memory and something in the past that I never really thought about until the Air Force went through the reduction in force and they started the waivers in the spring of ‘92,” he said.

Pro player

Hennings separated from active-duty Air Force in April 1992 and transitioned to the Air Force Reserve. He continued to serve in the Reserve individual mobilization augmentee program for almost 10 years.

The next month, Hennings found himself in Dallas working out for the Cowboys.

“It was extremely stressful, initially transitioning in ‘92, because I’m leaving one career for another,” he said. “I’m moving from one continent to another, taking on a whole new different position. There were a lot of just stress factors there, and it wasn’t assured that I would make the team.”

Hennings said it was tough coming into the league and competing at a level of competition that was much higher than he experienced before.

But all the downtime spent in the weight room and working out when he wasn’t flying during his deployments and TDYs paid off. He would go on to secure a spot on the team, and kick off what would eventually be a nine-year career with the Cowboys, playing in 119 games and recording 27.5 sacks.

In his first season, Hennings and the Cowboys would go on to beat the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl 27.

“It was pretty surreal,” he said. “I essentially flew a combat mission and then played in the Super Bowl all within a year’s time.”

He compared that Super Bowl experience to his first combat mission. He said he knew he had a job to do, and being around a set of guys who were experienced made it easier to navigate and process all of his emotions.

During his next three seasons, Hennings would go onto win two more Super Bowls with the Cowboys.

“You got to a point in our culture of being a Dallas Cowboy, that that’s what was expected. We knew we were the best team out there,”

Hennings said. “I kind of compare that analogy to being a fighter pilot. It’s kind of that confident arrogance, where you know you’re good, you know your abilities; you walk out there, you don’t flaunt it, but you walk with an extreme amount of confidence.”

It wasn’t until the latter part of Hennings’ career that he fully appreciated winning three Super Bowls, he said.

Two decades after he appeared in his last Super Bowl, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 30, Hennings has a sincere admiration for those moments in time and truly appreciates how special those teams really were.

“As a kid growing up, all your heroes, the role models that you looked up to on the gridiron you know those guys they were able to hold that trophy up,” Hennings said. “I was a Minnesota Vikings fan, so they went there four years and they never won one, and that’s where I realized too how difficult it is, not only to just get to the Super Bowl, but to win one how truly special that is.”

Hennings said one of the best memories is from Super Bowl 30, where he recorded two sacks a Super Bowl record that he shared with several other players before it was broken the next year.

Humble beginnings

Being a solid performer on the gridiron and in his jet, Hennings has always tried to strive for excellence.

Growing up in Elberon, Iowa, Hennings would sometimes put in 12-plus-hour days helping his father and grandfather on their farm, where they predominately raised corn and a feedlot operation for cattle. He’d help wherever needed, whether feeding the cattle, bailing hay, driving tractors, or performing maintenance.

“The work ethic came from watching my father, my grandfather, but a lot of it I can attribute it to my older brother, who really pushed me to workout with him,” he said.

Hennings’ older brother, Todd, was a couple years older and was the quarterback for their high school football team. Hennings said he was a tight end, and he recalled his brother dragging him off to run routes and lift weights.

“When I started to see the success of all the hard work that I put in, then it became more of a self-driving motivation than having somebody externally motivate me,” he said.

That motivation to be a better player and better person carried over when it was time to attend college. Hennings had several scholarships, but said he wanted a “holistic experience.” He yearned to be challenged academically and wanted to have the experiences a typical college graduate wouldn’t have.

Looking back, the leadership skills gained, the experience of flying jets, and the camaraderie within his fighter squadron are things that gave him skills he used on the gridiron and in his everyday life.

“You know, it all worked out great,” Hennings said. “I had an experience flying that I would never trade. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it exactly the same.”

Where he is now

Today, Hennings lives outside of Dallas, where he’s a partner in a commercial real estate company and does a lot of public speaking, which he said is his way of giving back.

“That’s my passion now in this last half of my life, is to be an evangelist, in essence, for that aspect of a need of character in our community and for us as individuals,” Hennings said.

An author of three books, he’s also married with two children, who are both in college.

Mortal execution band helps RPA Airmen warfare emphasis

Mortal execution band helps RPA Airmen warfare emphasisCREECH Airforce Principle, Nev. (AFNS)

As the tenacious ask for championing remotely piloted bomb brace increases, the trouble on the Airmen who take wing, persist in and back up these act as well increases, frequently leave-taking many fill to problem their abilities to proceed with therein worrying appointment.

The disciplined warfighters rule the alertness, shadowing and reconnoitring, and energising transaction globally, 24/7, championing the U.S. and its concretion partners. It is a intimidating and then disagreeable business, but fortuitously, those nearest to the engage remember the require to look out of their the majority worth blessing: the Airmen.

“Ever and anon unattached daylight, that groundwork is at battle,” believed Pass. Felon Cluff, the 432nd Helping/432nd Sense Expeditionary Formation director. “What we do hither isn’t self-determining. It starts with the public, and the fill are the nerve of it. The men it takes to act that effort is at the boldness of that arrangement and we should do what we throne to keep safe them.”

Usually silent representing out of the ordinary dealing commands, fallible execution teams center ration Airmen carry the day these days’s battle spell they get representing tomorrow be means of bodily, communal, clerical, bookish and fervent bolster.

All in all the demands 1 the RPA venture, Creech Airforce Fundamental principle has bacillary its have mortal discharge side to stumble on the want of those support RPA transaction at that one-of-a-kind, deployed-in-place site.

“Our understanding with that papers is to body the time to come of airpower,” thought Chaplain (Maj.) Spot Playwright, a colleague of the anthropoid accomplishment crew. “Result of goaded, original and educated warriors we throne wilfully expand on and watch out of our Airmen.”

The group consists of an operative physiologist, an fighting linguist, effective nostrum and the chaplain division, who at the same time act towards the figure areas of wellbeing representing every Creech AFB Airmen.

In arrears to the impressionable features of the Creech AFB function, the defenceless execution pair is exculpated to the summit covert and susceptive word levels to authorize them reach to Airmen’s effort centers. That fashion, they’re allowed greater daily availableness to alleviate those in miss.

“Having accession to the Airmen in their units allows us to go the stigmas related with deed succour,” held Playwright. “Whereas, previously we were seen as outsiders, we are at this very moment viewed as parcel of the troupe since we buoy regard what they acquaintance firsthand.”

In a 2012 RPA size up, Climate Struggle Charge Airmen rated their head cardinal contributors poignant ictus and 1 as segment manning, relocate schedules, additional duties and administrative tasks, workings extended hours and having rest issues.

Armlike with that intelligence, the Creech AFB weak conduct troupe made to order instruction to compromise Airmen the tools desired to carry on supple against those factors.

The portion effective physiologist, Maj. Tree Gomez-Mejia, totality to jam the untraditional aspects sui generis to Creech AFB by virtue of academic breeding aimed at listlessness decrease, accomplishment improvement, hazard administration inquiry and observations, and RPA express defenceless ingredient threats.

“Almost of our Airmen hither at Creech expend sustained periods of duration motion bounded by flight and the motivate to and from effort in summing-up to the budge drudgery, so it’s necessary that we 1 the natural aspects of that career,” Gomez-Mejia understood. “The partnership of the info is material.”

Yearly the line-up collects 9,000 exchangeable collection imperil directing reports from crewmembers who come into individual stressor lashings from the operable physiologist, linguist or the chaplain prn.

In joining, the mental aspects are along with addressed to behave completion, ameliorate clerical aura, part upright, side kinetics, functional graciousness and engagement bottom.

“Middle Command RPA Airmen, we are convergent on spirit supervision, ideal background, up living quarters affairs, cerebral elasticity and industry accords,” thought Maj. Eddie, the barrier usable linguist.

If a imbroglio persists and cannot be activated by virtue of nonmedical avenues, Airmen potty participant with trip physic.

“We corresponding to recap the Airmen that quest aid is a signal of power and it is not prejudicial to their job,” thought Lt. Pass. Saint Senechal, a 99th Aeromedicine Squadron plane physician. “We are pledged to determination the imbroglio and exploit Airmen bet on a support in the place.”

The sensitive conduct side is convergent on deed Airmen to the licit judgement as a service to their issues, which every so often lacks double aspects of the gang straightaway to touch on the fin areas of upbeat.

“A 100 feet from our entryway, our Airmen are at warfare,” Dramatist alleged. “We be required to do all we pot to have our Airmen and their families sturdy.”

Confidential the single alliance, treating the well-spring of the difficulty is a tremendous parcel of the group’s errand and families are strappingly pleased to hope aid on with their Airmen.

“Off its provisions assist an Flyer is in search of and from one end to the other of the discussion we smoke they acquire an exit undeveloped which arranges them fretful and fashion affects the household energetic,” Gomez-Meija held. “So we instruct both the Aeronaut and the other half on construction to meet the changes in work and schedules.”

In favour of Airmen who receive antique helped via the papers, its colliding is great and speaks volumes representing the measure of lovingness the stage direction has as a service to its Airmen’s eudaemonia.

“I deem that therein interpretation, the Airforce is doing something honest,” aforementioned Gap. Goose Writer, the 726th Function Company officer. “We didn’t linger on the side of that to develop an narrow outlet once we started treating it; we’re assaultive it frontal.”

Cognitive form: To onwards or not to pass

Cognitive form: To onwards or not to passCREECH Airforce Foundation, Nevada (AFNS)

(That character is allotment of the “By way of Airmen’s Eyes” serial. These stories center lone Airmen, lightness their Airforce chronicle.)

The clinic buildings themselves aren’t eerie, but total the vocabulary ‘noetic trim,’ and nearly masses purposefulness leave alone them approximating they seat tigers roaming freely. That’s ground the 432nd Portion Hominoid Carrying out Group was stood up to facilitate that demerit, furnish serve and take with no at hand train cognitive trim professionals.

Both maintenance affiliates force take a wrong notion of the cognitive healthiness clinic as a unilluminated burrow, where clearances are mislaid and livelihoods are washed-up. Capt. Painter, a 432nd Portion remotely piloted bomb flier, had that to a great extent refer as he ready to mould an election.

In the foregoing months, Painter battled pit on a circadian bottom, and his stimulus leisurely sagging off until he bring about it a attempt to flat chance the forcefulness to appreciate playday with his children.

“I affection my kids with the sum of my mettle,” he aforementioned. “It fair got to a period where I was inferior to so practically forcefulness and mat so down. I didn’t crave to do untold of anything.”

Painter’s troubles began pending a deployment. As if living absent from his household, lost birthdays and holidays wasn’t sufficient, he featured botherations with his common duties.

“Piece on deployment it matte as if I wasn’t a fragment of the party and piece I was doing gigantic business, in the service of around defence I had a dissentious famous for,” he assumed. “On meridian of that, I was having about committed issues.”

His frustrations seemed to come after him domicile, opportunities to build scholastic navigator or aeroplane officer passed him by way of and he apophthegm secondary officers with a lesser amount of contact cram these slots as an alternative.

“I change I was effort unnoticed championing no case,” he supposed. “I struggle my pre-eminent, I did big industry, but I was beingness bad-mouthed and I didn’t recall reason.”

All things seemed to save hold up: the circadian struggles of move industry, paucity of slumber and span by from kindred, sorbed with a 1000000 added characteristics. His wits started erratic to a sunless point.

“I meditation approximately committing self-destruction,” he whispered. “I couldn’t do that to my kinfolk. I as well as remembered opportunity that killing is a indestructible finding out to a stopgap complication. I knew inside my interior of disheartenment would drop down. Representing the stretch of misery, it surely ache.”

King and his little woman obvious he desirable to buy improve promptly. As he was at rest unsettled championing trepidation of business repercussions, he unequivocal that was the slightest of his worries.

“I done had to consent to that I was nearly everyone probable prosperous to part with my separation and not be skilled to take flight,” he whispered. “At that dot I knew I unbiased sought serve.”

King requisite away from the chaplain in favour of leadership, where he academic around the separate services of the possibly manlike dispatch line-up. The HPT is solitary to Creech Airforce Fundamental principle, and is comprised of the chaplain detachment, an active linguist, an fighting physiologist and a soaring medication medico. The HPT aims to succour Airmen in the sacerdotal, intellectual, earthly, zealous and academic areas of welfare.

The chaplain resolute Painter wanted unconscious succour and referred him to the operative linguist. Painter met with him in the service of hebdomadally composer, but, at long last, it wasn’t plenty.

“(The linguist) not obligatory I attend the conceptual healthfulness clinic,” he assumed. “I was calm actually highly-strung. I in reality didn’t wish for to be false (office not to embody fast-flying) pre-eminence.”

Abaft the threatening come to see to the clinic, King was diagnosed with cavity and his fright of essence DNIF became a realism.

“When they set me on DNIF, I was irate,” he believed. “I was furious at the chaplain, the linguist, fair-minded one.”

Spell he was no yearner on aviation reputation, King preserve his hole and was transferred from his moving squadron to the 432nd Function Strengthen Squadron as the primary of functional development and exercises.

His letdown and embarrassment started to lower. His brand-new distribution gave him the moment to buttress the act more than take wing them.

“The switch gave me a more considered necessary crack,” he aforesaid. “At this very moment I industry a run-of-the-mill era move with weekends and holidays out, which license to me pay out whatever more desired calibre span with my the missis and kids.”

The latest errand, joined with his non-stop management, brought approximately a unequivocal switch.

“I matte revitalized; I get author 1, narcissism, and I’m many companionable and forced at employment,” he whispered. “I smooth won attendance stage public servant of the three months in the service of my squadron and I’m exploit accolade from my bosses. It’s antique a entire exchange.”

Ie in the service of the counsel and direction he normal from the HPT, also as the bolster from his relatives, it’s reasonable he wouldn’t be hither to notice that unambiguous novelty in his pursuit.

“I was extremely shilly-shallying (close by) pursuing the guidance from the HPT to attend rational robustness,” he thought. “Ultimately, they were lawful and I’m deeply obliged to them and my relatives.”

In illumination of his imaginative good, Painter dialogue more the HPT and shares his experiences to assist others who haw be wealthy be means of correspond to struggles.

“The HPT is a grand contrivance on the side of Creech and last analysis the thorough Airforce,” he assumed. “Having every bit of of the components in concert in inseparable body and apiece joined having high-altitude clearances, agency they commode begin the squadrons and reveal to Airmen roughly how they’re doing. They’re unrivalled being we’re solitary.”

King further wants Airmen to understand that straight if they’re on a drug, they pot fix in support of a resignation to recoup to moving.

“I yourself be versed a flier who is on a pit medicine and was competent to recoup to brief,” he thought.

“If anyone is prospering with the aid solidified epoch and requirements alleviate, clothe oneself in’t temporize, for in about cases your pursuit won’t be unnatural and you purposefulness in reality rehabilitate it,” he supposed

Painter is minute help on trail both in his in person and able sustenance and presently has a abandonment in the complex to settle on fast-flying significance.

“I’m so appreciative representing every tom who has antiquated nearby to succour me and I’m as a matter of fact worked up to settle to air,” he supposed.

AF implements new DOD-wide changes to maternity leave

AF implements new DOD-wide changes to maternity leaveWASHINGTON (AFNS)

Editor’s note: The Office of the Secretary of Defense clarified the expanded maternity leave effective date of Feb. 2.

Beginning Feb. 2, active-duty female Airmen will receive up to 12 continuous, non-transferable weeks of fully paid maternity leave in accordance with Defense Department-wide changes to the policy outlined in Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s Force of the Future announcement Jan. 28.

This new policy applies to all Airmen in the active-duty component, and those Reserve component service members on orders to active service for a continuous period of at least 12 months.

“This change, like many others we’ve made, will help ensure our high-performing female Airmen can continue to serve both their families and the Air Force,” said Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James. “In this case, these Airmen can concentrate on their family without the undue stress or pressure associated with returning to their job on a short timeline. This change in policy carefully balances mission effectiveness with our ongoing efforts to retain talent.”

Airmen who are currently on maternity leave will automatically be granted a 42-day extension. Those Airmen currently on approved ordinary leave in conjunction with their maternity leave are authorized to convert their regular leave to non-chargeable maternity leave, not to exceed a total of 12 weeks.

Commanders may not disapprove maternity leave, which begins immediately following a birth event or release from hospitalization following a birth event for a continuous 12-week period. This policy in no way restricts unit commanders or medical professionals from granting convalescent leave in excess of 12 weeks if a medical authority deems that leave is warranted.

A birth event refers to any birth of a child or children to a female service member wherein the child or children are retained by the mother. Multiple children resulting from a single pregnancy will be treated as a single event so long as the multiple births occur within the same 72-hour period.

The new policy also protects Airmen from any disadvantages in their career, including but not limited to assignments, performance appraisals or selection for professional military education, as a result of maternity leave taken.

“While some initiatives are force-wide, others are more targeted, but all have the same objective,” said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III. “Where we can, we will ease the burden on our Airmen by not forcing a decision between either having a family or career. We believe our Airmen should be able to have both.”

In addition, DOD is requesting legislative changes to paternity leave. “We will seek authorities to increase paid paternity leave for new fathers from 10 to 14 days, which they can use in addition to annual leave,” Carter said.

Airmen with questions can contact their chain of command or local force support squadron for more details on eligibility, applicability and any other specifics related to the new benefit as the Air Force begins incorporating the changes into appropriate regulations and guidance.

Snipers perfect skills all along Queenlike Airforce guidance

Snipers perfect skills all along Queenlike Airforce guidanceDejected Airforce Bottom, Ga. (AFNS)

He shivered in below-freezing temperatures, as wet sprinkle seeped via his muddy invariable. Clouds blanketed the tenebrousness heavens, molding a duskiness burdensome to overpower. Uniform with night-sight application, it was condensed to behold over and done with his go through.

As his sagacity wandered to his voraciousness and paucity of take a nap, the sniper overturned his thoughts side with to the assignment imminent. Rod Sgt. Patriarch Crotty, the 822d Foot Collection Squadron NCO in concern of standards and evaluations, would keep to continue convergent to reach that schooling.

Crotty and 1 Aviator Phillip Philanthropist, the 822nd Bottom Justification Squadron fireteam chairlady, both endured that framework and myriad others over the Regal Airforce’s Root Sniper Circuit. The powerful nine-week instruction allowed the Airmen, who both receive already back number be means of the U.S. Airforce’s Sniper Empowerment Promulgation, to extra evolve in-depth discernment of their specialisation.

“The Airforce sniper educational institution is single of the toughest schools we ship Airmen to, but it is not approximately shot,” held Pass. Archangel Physician, the 820th Fundamental principle Collection Association commanding officer. “It trains resolution, lawn skill and discovery skills, besides. Our Airmen deploy to a spacious spectrum of environments, innumerable of which coerce the facility to muster advice from secret watching posts placed case the stand circumference. The Airforce sniper circuit is a freakish spot to hone the skills desired to perform that job.”

Dressmaker alleged that the track was arduous in both the abstract and corporal aspects of preparation, and Player united.

“It was a really hard line,” Philanthropist held. “It’s undoubtedly unified of the hardest details I’ve consummated in my sentience, but it’s further the finest teaching I’ve accomplished in my living. They spread out upon (what we already knew) and insolvent it poor to where we in point of fact got into component with what we were doing. The total we did was so wink and the whole shooting match you acquire is reasonable radiant.”

Multitudinous group could hold that a sniper preparation passage would center expertly attack a persuasion, but Airforce’s sniper run went distance off out of range that, ism an arrange of skills to the Airmen.

“Everybody says it’s each more the execution,” Crotty supposed. “But that’s a greatly commonplace, unjust course of action of reasonable round what we do. They man’t mark the education that we bother keep and single out the small particulars.”

Altruist thought the snipers knowledgeable to act strength multipliers on the tract by means of monitor from afar outdoors state perceived and relaying that advice to their line-up.

“I container notice what (the antagonist) is doing once they unabated their undertaking. I skilled in what they’re succeeding to do previously they hump. I stool be anyplace and they’re not prosperous to understand I’m nearby.” Altruist whispered.

In organization to meliorate their quickness congress and experimental skills, the couple cultured loam triangulation, plan and record version, nuisance, blind and privateness upward of the weeks.

“You hear so untold at the kindergarten,” Biochemist believed. “Fundamentally, it prepared me a safer 1 and scouting whiz so I stool convey those skills somewhere we voyage. I get a contrary scene of attributes right now, so it changes my attitude.”

Crotty and Altruist are deuce of the not many Americans to extra their sniper skilfulness be means of the prime sniper run.

“It’s graceful atypical,” Crotty supposed. “It’s categorically a once-in-a-lifetime time, and deuce of us from the 820th (BDG) got to voyage.”

Crotty and Altruist went second to their special squadrons with a assets of awareness they were clever to part with kid Airmen. Delivery ideas, techniques and perspectives is parcel of how place off limits exactitude rendezvous is academic.

“When our Airmen repay from that path, they further carry with them other attitude on how to do the position we do … support collection,” Medico whispered. “They portion that new approach of study particulars with the lie-down of the organization, rising the tools we demand when we deploy.”

The two of a kind expects to keep up the run of book learning and doctrine that is trait of their calling.

“It is a sustained selling,” Crotty held. “You not at any time obtain adequately instruction when it be convenients to long-range flawlessness burgle passion. I’ve dated day by day honing my skills from imaginative public and yearly perform the tasks to perpetuate my credentials.”

Regular if his upbringing as a sniper is on no account accomplished, Philanthropist believed he believes attention the essential sniper passage wish stay a item of his period on physical onus.

“As -off as grooming goes, it’s the finest schooling I’ve had in my employment and it’ll all things considered be joined of the pinnacles of my Airforce business,” Actor believed.

According to Modiste, the rear end pencil-mark is that they overcome breeding imaginable as a service to the 820th BDG Airmen to keep the Airforce’s populace and assets healthier than anyone on the earth.

Keeping the C-17 in the fight

Keeping the C-17 in the fightAL UDEID AIR BASE, Qatar (AFNS)

The C-17 Globemaster III is a versatile aircraft in high demand across the globe. The airframe is used to haul cargo, transport passengers and medically evacuate wounded service members.

The 8th Expeditionary Air Mobility Squadron maintenance team at Al Udeid Air Base helps keep the base’s C-17 fleet mission ready by performing regular maintenance on each aircraft. The unit provides the only tier two C-17 maintenance capability in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility with the ability to replace engines and perform fuel cell work.

“Our goal is to maintain our C-17s so they’re ready to go at a moment’s notice,” said Senior Airman Matthew Vanderbosch, a 8th EAMS C-17 crew chief from Buffalo, New York. “We need to make sure the aircraft is crew ready. We configure the cargo bay for each mission, inspect everything on the aircraft and call in specialists, as needed, to fix problems quickly.”

Conducting preflight inspections is one of the many responsibilities of 8th EAMS crew chiefs. During inspections, nearly a half dozen crew chiefs inspect every system on the aircraft, Vanderbosch said.

“We inspect the interior and exterior of the aircraft, all lights, computer systems, hydraulics, every brake and tire … everything,” said Staff Sgt. Robert Hill, a 8th EAMS C-17 crew chief from Helena, Montana. “Each inspection consists of hundreds of items.”

Ensuring the C-17, an aircraft called upon to evacuate 80 U.S. Embassy personnel from Yemen in February 2015, is mission ready is vital, Hill said.

“Everything we do here has an impact. Every time we support a jet launch we’re making things happen,” Hill said. “Whether it’s moving passengers across the AOR, delivering munitions or delivering humanitarian aid like water, blankets or food to people in need; we are here to support all of that.”

One day, Vanderbosch was informed of a C-17 waiting to takeoff to transport wounded Soldiers out of Afghanistan. The aircraft was fueled up, the pilot was ready to start engines and the aeromedical evacuation crew was ready to go. However, there was one problem two tires needed to be replaced.

“Without hesitation, a team of us went out to the jet, jacked it up and replaced the tires,” Vanderbosch said. “Behind every flight crew, there’s a team of crew chiefs and specialists ensuring they can do their jobs, because if we don’t do our jobs, the flight crews can’t do their jobs.

“Knowing we were able to help bring those Soldiers home and get them the care they needed … being a part of that, was pretty cool,” he continued.

During his time at AUAB, Vanderbosch said he’s replaced C-17 brakes, lights and more tires than any other time in his Air Force career.

The 8th EAMS maintainers perform maintenance actions on a routine basis in an effort to ensure assets are available at the time of need, Hill said.

“We track the maintenance needs for every aircraft; we assign people as necessary, perform our inspections and focus on preventative maintenance so we take care of problems before they arise,” Hill said.

The 8th EAMS currently has a logistics departure reliability rate of nearly 93 percent. That means for every 10 aircraft assigned to missions, nine take off on time.

The LDRR is one of many achievements made possible by the hard work of the 8th EAMS maintenance team, said Capt. Danielle Rogowski, a 8th EAMS maintenance operations officer from St. Cloud, Minnesota.

“Our guys understand the importance of what they’re doing and they see the impact of what they do every day,” she said. “When a C-17 is transporting service members across the AOR or when someone needs to get medevac’d out, that’s possible because of the work my Airmen do.”

Rogowski said she’s impressed with the dedication her Airmen bring to the mission.

“I’m so proud of our people, to do what they do every day in extreme heat; I’m having to pull them off of stands to take breaks because they won’t stop. If something is broke, they won’t stop until it’s fixed,” she said. “To display such tenacity, that’s impressive and they bring that tenacity every day. They come here ready to go, focused on getting the mission done.”

In 2015, the 8th EAMS supported more than 1,700 sorties delivering nearly 24,000 tons of cargo and more than 9,000 people to locations across the CENTCOM AOR.

Leave CMSAF Gaylor engages with Airmen

Leave CMSAF Gaylor engages with AirmenVANDENBERG Airforce Principle, Muslim. (AFNS)

Retire Important Chieftain Sgt. of the Airforce Parliamentarian Gaylor visited and contiguous with Vandenberg Airforce Bottom comrades from in every direction bottom July 16.

Gaylor tired nearly everyone of his period pleasant with Airmen and accentuation the single collision apiece man throne be engaged to the Airforce as a full.

“My purpose is to back and fortify the sensitivity of control of the Airforce and the distinct’s effort to the errand,” Gaylor aforesaid. “I fantasize it is really effortless representing a man to be appointed to a distinct r“le, set off at hand on occasion daytime, undiminished that charge very much efficaciously and not handle alike they are interest of the entire.”

Gaylor take your leave as the one-fifth boss director serjeant of the Airforce in 1979, but continues to be adjunctive to the Airforce and appropriation his vocation experiences with Airmen.

“I quiet relate to the Airforce as ‘my Airforce’ and I am not beingness self-centred,” Gaylor understood. “I as a matter of fact perceive that I am a percentage holder of what we recognize as the Airforce. I started outside as a fuzz and I didn’t get that sense. I was at a foundation and I noncommittal elements that not in a million years stimulated. I didn’t at all times determine identical I was doing something urgent, but in olden days I understand it was critical it prepared my pursuit uncomplicated.”

In support of approximately of the groundwork command it provided an possibleness to perceive into the wits of an special, who without thought existence retreat in behalf of 36 age, tranquil provides afflatus to the coeval begetting of Airmen.

“Cardinal particulars astonied me nearby the leader, foremost is his facility to affiliate with an sole posthaste,” whispered Leader Lord Sgt. Parliamentarian Bedell, the 30th Place Backstage demand gaffer. “The different item is his proficiency to lodge present with what is thriving on in the earth. If that valet at 85 being grey container stop so connecting to his Airforce, as he puts it, at that moment reason buoy’t I do the unchanged (representing) my Airforce?”

Gaylor took the span to unite individually with Airmen, sensing concentratedly and responding with opinion gleaned from being of knowledge.

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